Corona vacation: YouTube channels business on the rise in Pakistan

YouTube channels business on the rise in Pakistan

As the lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus is being observed strictly all over Pakistan restricting almost everybody most of the time at home, people have started engaging themselves in different activities in-house. YouTubing is one such activity people are busy in as it not only keeps them busy but also gets the money.

Recently, it has been witnessed that YouTube has seen a huge number of new channels and an unusual engagement on existing YouTube channels in Pakistan.

Students, housewives, doctors, teachers, chefs, marketers, singers, actors, businessmen, politicians, journalists, and religious scholars, in short, everybody is busy creating something new and creative on YouTube.

Most of the famous journalists have also created their YouTube channels and are earning big other than huge salaries from private news channels.

Anchorperson Javed Chaudhry is also running a YouTube channel with his name and spreading awareness about coronavirus disease these days. He has recently uploaded a video in which he is guiding people on how to survive in this difficult time.

Mubashar Lucman, an anchorperson, is also running a YouTube channel and generating content that may attract people these days.

Dermatologist Fazeela Abbasi is also there on YouTube. She is also seen guiding people about the use of medicines recommended for COVID-19.

After the Higher Education Commission has asked the university lecturers to deliver lectures online, a huge number of teachers have stared their YouTube channels and are teaching the students online.

Qasim Ali Shah is a famous Lahore-based motivational speaker. These days, he is also teaching people how to fight against coronavirus. In a recent video, he has been seen telling people how and why staying at home is very important these days.

Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar is also running a YouTube channel and he is also in contact with his viewers through his videos. He is also uploading videos about the coronavirus. In his recent video, he has told people not to take the stress and fight against the disease in a playful manner. He has guided people not to sit back at home all the time and come out to take exercise.

Maulana Tariq Jamil is a renowned religious scholar. He has also created his official YouTube channel. About coronavirus situation, he has recently released a video in which he is seen guiding people about this disease. In his video, he has appealed people to follow the precautions and stay safe.

A student of Lahore Leads University Ahsan AD has also started a YouTube channel with the name of Ahsan AD Vines. Keeping in view the current situation, he is creating funny content about coronavirus. Talking to The Wallet, he said that he had started that YouTube channel for two reasons; “First, it is a big platform where you can talk on important issues in your own way. Secondly, you can earn a lot of money if people start visiting your channel.

YouTube channels have been a profitable business in Pakistan for many years but now when people have plenty of time at their homes due to COVID-19 a lot of new channels and fresh content are pouring in.

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