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We invite you to add us as your resource opinions for news and blog sections of The Wallet. As you may know, The Wallet has a separate section with the name Startup to encourage entrepreneurs, who already launched or planning to launch, design, and run new businesses. You even can share your press releases or you can invite our writers to join your gatherings to cover for our readers.

Contribution Guideline for Wallet Newspaper

We genuinely appreciate our contributors for opinions, letters & blog publications to the Wallet Newspaper. For our contributor’s queries in a more organized way, a few guidelines have been designed to ensure that you understand what we appreciate best on our platform.

Policies to consider at the Wallet Newspaper – For Contributors

Contributors are requested to send submissions to the relevant department where they want their article to get published since we receive numerous contributions every day.

We request our potential contributors not to send the same article to various departments of The Wallet Newspaper or other newspapers at the same time.

Our team of experts is working tirelessly to acknowledge the receipt of submissions daily. However, if your article or blog does not get acknowledged within a week of its receipt, it does not match our criteria and is unlikely to get published.

All writers are required to sign a contract once The Wallet newspaper acknowledges their piece of writing. These contracts get renewed each year and may include multiple assignments.

Our contributors and writers must expect editorial amendments to be part of the process. We may require additions, edits, or clarifications regarding your article along with tangible proof, Such as emails, documentation, or screenshots to authenticate any facts or claims.

Once your article is selected to be published in The Wallet Newspaper, we may request you a bio, a headshot, and a testament to your credentials.

The Wallet Newspaper reserves the right to make a final decision around headlines. We may change or update the headline, which will result in making your article reach a wider audience.

At The Wallet Newspaper, We Accept

Articles: The purpose of an essay is to provide the reader with a comprehensive view of your chosen subject with a slight bias to it. Keep the main focus on the facts and details rather than your take on the selected subject.

Blogs: The blogs being written should get your point across, which ultimately gets your voice heard. Here we want to listen to your own opinions and experiences.

Commentary: This section invites well-established writers, experts, personals from academics, business, thought leaders, analysts, and activists. Here we require a piece of writing that addresses the issue in its true sense and in a compelling way. The report should bring to light the subject matters that generally do not receive the attention they deserve.

Tips to follow while formatting your piece of writing:

Number of Posts and Word Count: Each of your posts should be around 500-600 words at minimum. Posts as many as you want within a month.

Images: Insert relevant photos into your writing as they provide the content required visibility and help you to tell the story in a better way.

Original Content: The Wallet Newspaper prefers a hundred percent original content from its contributors and does not prefer content sent to other publishers.

Writing Style and Formatting: Make sure to keep a single space between sentences. Also, a single line breaks between paragraphs, and do not indent paragraphs while writing. Keep in mind to proofread your document for any grammatical error or spelling errors before sending it for submission. All submissions go through a detailed and keen editorial review process, proofing, and headline change procedure at the end. We shall contact you if their piece of writing will require significant editing. You are requested to write clear and well-constructed sentences that are comprehensible to readers. You are invited to avoid passive voice in your content as much as possible.

Potential contributors are requested to email your submissions to Please make sure to keep the subject line as “Submissions”.