WHO to launch an official app on iOS and Android to prevent misinformation about coronavirus

Mobile use

The World Health Organisation is launching an official app for iOS and Android that is being designed to combat the spread of misinformation about COVID-19.

The WHO MyHealth app is set to be launched soon and is being developed by a team of volunteer experts called the WHO Covid App Collective.

It follows the launch of a WHO chatbot for Facebook-owned WhatsApp that lets users get the latest information on the deadly virus.

The WHO app will send users notifications for their location if there is a spike in coronavirus cases or if someone reports themselves as having the virus.

According to the WHO MyHealth Github page, there will also be ‘self-triage’ tools to help people diagnose whether their symptoms match COVID-19.

The goal of the app development team is to ‘build an Official WHO app for COVID-19 on Android, iPhones and the web, targeted at the general public.

‘We plan to operate in a self-sufficient manner for reasons of speed and to minimize impositions on precious WHO resources.’

The app is developed by a team of volunteers to help provide COVID-19 news. It has been approved by the World Health Organisation and is called WHO MyHealth. It will initially be available for iOS and Android.

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