Value yourself by valuing book reading

by Abdullah Aly Taymur

Abdullah Aly Taymur
Abdullah Aly Taymur

The elation of reading books cannot be explained in words. It is something that you understand only by real experience. This is more important to live than your work and the time that you spend in a meaningless way using the newest technology. Book reading gives you the desired break from the chaos in your life. It implants peace in you and makes you tranquil exercising your brain in the process.

When you read a book, the creation of the writer will give you curiosity and merriment. Even a half-hearted reader will agree that reading a book is the same as watching a movie. And, when you will start spending several hours reading a book, you make a world of your own in your mind which will fill your world with different characters and prospects. This enhances your imagination powers and helps you to think more about your ideas visually.

When you are a kid, you read storybooks and this reading educates you. From storybooks to scientific and management books then from self-improvement books to divine books, the journey is fantastic and you learn a lot with each passing day. You comprehend your thoughts and emotions more clearly. It makes you realize who you really are and makes your life meaningful. Well, the company of books makes you a better thinker and an improved man.

Reading books is not like reading articles. The reason why scholars advise book reading instead of short articles is when you read a book you spend several hours with it whereas you only spend a few minutes reading an article.

It is easy to read a quotation or an article for a few minutes and continue with the other thing on the internet. But, when you spend your time reading a good book, you end up consuming at least a few hours moving on its contents. So, whatever you learn from books is likely to keep on with you for a long time and have some constructive influence on you.

A good reader also varies his reading pace based on the substance he is reading and what he wants to get from it. The reason for reading news features is different from reading stories, which is different from reading significant documents. With the passage of time, you will understand how to vary your reading pace and comprehension from others.

Also, reading good books is not sufficient. The way you read it is the key point. When you come across a new thought or a different outlook, think upon it profoundly. Do not accept or reject it blindly. Reflect upon the views that come to your mind when you read great work. You will come to know whether a book is great or not.

When you continue this habit of reading, you will start forming your own thoughts and principles. It will challenge your mind and the way of life in which you have grown up. On the other hand, there is one thing which you should remember when you build this as a daily habit that too much reading with no thinking and action is not of much use. When you come to know you are ready to do something, it is time to shift to the next step.

It is easy to get so much occupied in the reading process but do not forget the main purpose of reading which is to make you a good person in society and it can only occur when you will act upon it.

What type of person you want to be and what you would eventually become depends very much upon the kind of content, you read and how much you act upon it.

Reading articles that promote cynicism, hatred providing wrong information, is dangerous. It is better not to read anything than to read such stuff. Whether you read on some electronic machine or prefer reading a real book that is your personal selection. But, after reading real books you must feel fresh.

Always read your stuff from a safe space. Neither too close to your eyes nor too far. Prefer quality over quantity and it is better to read one great book than a hundred ordinary ones by understanding properly what you have read.

Do not accept anything blindly that you read but ponder upon it and try to know the reason behind what has been written and bookmark the important pages for future references. You never know when you will need them.

Sometimes it takes more than one reading to fully grasp something. Do not be upset if you do not understand a book in one reading. Maybe when you read it again, you will get it.

If possible, create a ravishing library in your house. You will feel satisfied whenever you are there. And, enjoy your reading experience.

The tendency of reading good content every day will act like work out for your mind. If you have never given it a try then remember it is never too late to start a good habit.

The writer is a student of law and has done a Master’s in English as well. He can be reached at

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