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If you live in a South Asian or an Eastern country, you must not be ignorant of the concept of Abaya. The Abaya is more native to the Muslim women attire. It is usually a body-length piece of garment that is worn over regular clothes. The purpose of the Abaya is to hide the beauty of a woman while she moves into society. Islam considers it necessary for women to shield themselves from the sight of namehrams by guarding their chastity. It is not necessary to wear just Abaya in order to achieve that purpose. There are many other types of dressing that support this cause. However, Abaya is quite famous for this purpose because it is a very practical dress that comes to the standards of Purdah.

If you are Muslim women who already wear Abaya or you are planning to start wearing it, you must be always in a search of good Abayas. Buying Abayas online is the hottest thing in 2021 because no one neither has the time nor cannot risk her life in COVID by going out to search for the Abaya of the dreams!

Wearing Abaya does not strip off your right to wear it according to your taste. Hence, if you are looking for a good range of Abayas, then we have created a list of top 7 stores online that you can visit to buy top-quality Abayas at affordable rates.

1. Modanisa

Modanisa is undoubtedly one of the best online Abaya stores that houses a wide range of brands’ abayas. If you are an abaya lover, you can just simply go to the store and check out the beautiful modest clothing range. They have given prices, sizes, and complete information of each article that you can buy and uplift your modest clothing styling. Explore their Hijabs, Outerwears, plus size dresses, sportswear and swimsuits, and shoes and bags!

2. By Baano

By Baano is a great name for modest clothing buyers, especially for Abaya wearers. by baano offers top-notch designer Abayas that are unique and drop-dead gorgeous. They have Abayas available in every colour and you can filter them out according to your specification. You can find both daytime and nighttime Abayas here. Moreover, they have all kinds of fabrics and styles available for you to choose from floral, lace, layered, pleated, pen, ruffle, self-tie, sequin, and wrap, etc.

3. Mirraw

Mirraw is a well-reputed ethnic clothing store that has a handpicked collection of top-of-the-line fabrics and dresses made by them. Their Abayas are considered to die for! With their reasonable rates and remarkable designs, they have made a great name in the online Abayas market. They have an extensive range of casual, semi-formal, and formal Abayas that can match the taste and needs of almost all women.

4. ModestForever

If you are into modest clothing and want to buy an Abaya online, then you should definitely try checking out the online store of ModestForever. They are an amazing online store that caters for the needs of all types of Abaya wearers. For example, if you need front close, front open, or even zipper Abayas, you will find almost everything here. They have a fantastic range of fabric from which you can choose according to your unique needs. Their most famous collections of modest clothes are Luxury & Irani Kaftans, Luxury Abayas, Dubai Abayas, Back To College Collection, Officewear Collection, Modest Forever Classics, Old City Favorites, and The Denim Collection. They also provide you with different patterns to choose from, i.e., Dubai Style Abayas, Normal Abaya, Umbrella Abaya, and Coat Style Abayas, etc. ModestForever is also well-known for its unique use of fabrics like Nida, Satin Nida, Korean Nida, Denim, Georgette, Cobra, Rayon, Mataf, Wool, Polyester, and Corduroy, etc.

5. Masho

Masho regards itself as the number 1 Muslim Women’s fashion store. And their clientele agrees to this claim! The abayas and Burqas of Masho has a wide fan base because of their exceptional designs and chic outlook. Masho provides its clients with the top Abaya brands to choose from. For example, currently, they have Mushkiya, Nazneen Halal Fashion, MyBatua, Musheco, Aami Creations, Being Tradition, Mehar, La Roza, and JSDC Inc, etc. The famous Abaya patterns that you can get from Masho are embroidered, handwork, printed, and checked. At Masho, you can also get a unique type of filter where you can choose the Abaya on the basis of the neck designs. For example, they have a round neck, V neck, boat neck, collared neck, Mandarin collar, Band Collar neck, High neck, Chinese Neck, Boat neck, Shirt collar, Tie up the neck, sweetheart neck, and hooded, etc. Moreover, the fabric used by Masho is also highly acclaimed by its clients. The most praised fabrics of Abayas that they use are Nida Matte, Crepe, Polyester Crepe, Cotton, Satin, Georgette, Denim, Heather Moss, Kashibo, Net, Polly Till, Viscose, and Linen.

6. Aaliya Collections

Another luminous name when it comes to Abaya and Islamic clothing is Aaliya Collections. Their premium Abayas are a dream of every Abaya wearer. Uniquely designed by using the finest fabric, they are a must-have! They sell casual everyday Abayas as well as utterly luxurious Abayas to tasteful people. Your modest wardrobe can be uplifted to a great extent with the addition of the Abayas from Aaliya Collections. Another great perk of choosing Aaliya Collections is that they also give you a choice to get a custom-made Abaya ordered. You can just instruct them about your particularities, and they will provide you a beautiful Abaya right away. They also offer worldwide shipping.

7. Sanaulla

Last but not least, Sanaulla takes pride in being one of the most popular online Abaya stores present. Their quality, designs, and reasonable price make them a highly favourite option for everyone. They have housed all the best brands that you can find for Abayas, i.e., Hijab ul Hareem, Husn-e-Zan, Nida Gul, Spinzar, and their own Sanaulla Exclusive Range. Besides, they also have a vast range of fabrics to choose from when you are buying your Abaya. As they have a wide range of Abayas available, you can find one of your choices according to your budget and taste!

So, here we have created a list of the most sought-after online Abaya stores you can choose from to find Abaya of your choice! Check it out and let us know which one was your favourite!

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