Pakistan repays $1 billion to Saudi Arabia credit

In October 2018, Saudi Arabia consented to give Pakistan $3 billion in unfamiliar money support for a year and a further advance worth up to $3 billion in conceded installments for oil imports to help fight off a current record emergency, The


Knock knock… who is there? LOAD SHEDDING!

With the increasing heat in the country, instead of providing the masses with uninterrupted power supply, power outages are being observed across the country. According to the details, along with the severe heatwave across the country, announced and unannounced load shedding of

Forced conversions & marriages soar in Pakistan

Forced conversion and forced marriages are continued to surface in the country. The argument has started from the Rinkle Kumari case which was highlighted nationally and internationally and then suo moto action was taken but there was no conclusion and end-result whereas

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