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Paklaunch is an exclusive community of talented Pakistani professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors created to share knowledge and explore opportunities. With a focus on engaging Pakistani overseas diaspora, their mission is to make a significant contribution towards accelerating Pakistan’s progress in the fast-growing


HEC-Microsoft Imagine Cup 2021

Superior University is an excellent enterprise to form an entrepreneurial mindset. This place gears the students with certainty, expertise, and gizmo to turn an entrepreneurial idea into a growing reality. It has always believed in joining hands to bring social or economic


OH MY GENIUS Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

OH MY GENIUS Entrepreneurial Bootcamp was all about brainstorming the ideas of youth. It helped kids to bring forward unique ideas of entrepreneurship and start their new ventures. This course aided the little ones and supported them in polishing the skills they


CMACED Transformed Ideas into Reality

by Rida Junaid Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship has set an extraordinary example of students’ success through innovative teaching and training pedagogies. Initial Screening Round (ISR) is an amazing example of an innovative assessment that the Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program