Superior University’s CMACED paving way for young entrepreneurs

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Superior University’s CMACED

Chaudary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development is a university-wide initiative with a mission to build an entrepreneurial mindset. CMACED equips the students at Superior University with confidence, knowledge, and tools to turn a business idea into a flourishing reality. CMACED organizes series of seminars, workshops, and frequent mentoring sessions on topics including basics of business, e-commerce, and emotional intelligence throughout the year.

Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector at the Superior University, is the lady with a vision to change mindsets, and her vision is to make it a leading “Entrepreneurial University” of Pakistan.

CMACED’s vigilant board comprises of Dr. Sumaira Rehman (Director, CMACED, Co-Founder, Innovation District 92 and Director PIEDMC), Pro. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman (Chairman, Superior Group), Nabeel A. Qadeer (Chief Innovation Officer, Superior Group, CEO INFINIT Labs, Co-Founder, Innovation District 92), Dr. Azam Romi (Founding Dean and Professor, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman College), Mr. Shoaib Zahid (Chairman, Punjab Industrial Board), S. M Imran (Director, DN Textile, Vice President, LDA ) and Ayesha Zahid (Executive Director, ORIC).

The idea makers of CMACED are Muneeb Ahmed, the General Manager CMACED, Maria Naseer (General Manager, Innovation-CMACED), Usman Sadiq (Manager, Social Entrepreneurship Program-SEP), Tabinda Usman (Manager, Public relations-CMACED), Dr. Humaira (Manager, ETTP), Rida Junaid (Executive-ETTP), Syed Muhammad Ali (Executive-SEP), Sofia Akram (Executive, PR & Outreach), Roma Cheema (Operational Executive) and Muhammad Mahad (Visual Designer at SEP).

ETTP 21st century revolves around training oneself to pace with the speed of innovation in every field. CMACED has taken the initiative to develop resources and change the mindsets for continuous learning. Our ETTP will energize, train, teach, and prepare you for this competitive world because we need to show the world YES we can. ETTP develops an entrepreneurial mindset and behaviors among the students, staff, and faculty by introducing an ‘Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program’.

SEP “Social entrepreneurship” is not only to make students understand the ideology of social entrepreneurship and its strong linkage with social change but also to make them active learners, actors, and influencers of society. This specific program is providing an opportunity for the students to explore their local communities and address varying levels of issues prevailing there. The mission of this program is “to flourish the citizenship behavior among Pakistani youth.”

ID92 CMACED realized the need to support aspiring entrepreneurs after their journey through the university and thus established the incubation space for startups from all verticals that are seeking guidance in converting their raw business ideas to effective and profitable businesses model, develop product/service and device sales and marketing strategies. We at ID92 have a vision of projecting Pakistan as an “Innovation District” to the world by nurturing CHANGE MAKERS throughout our cycles.

Idea Croron Ka Idea Croron Ka came into being as Pakistan’s premier business reality show to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and investors. Idea Croron Ka has used television as a tool to disseminate meaningful content to the masses with the aim of converting. Idea Croron Ka is a platform where startups present their ideas to business investors, who analyze their ideas, provide them with investment, and help the scale.

ScaleupPk Dr. Sumaira Rehman’s Movement for Economically Superior Pakistan from the platform of CMACED has reached new heights through 4 consecutive Superior Entrepreneurial Expos since 2016. Within only 4 years, 330 startups have been presented, 132 trainers coached. 2000 volunteers supported 2500 students who participated and nearly 70,000 attendees visited our phenomenal annuals Entrepreneurial Expos.

SEE Pakistan is the largest entrepreneurial platform where the industry, academic, startup community, and government interact, collaborate, and appreciate the innovation initiatives of Pakistani youth. The high ratio of interest in entrepreneurship is glaring evidence of the fact that our youth’s potential is being rightly developed in our entrepreneurial ecosystem. The focus is to produce job creators instead of job seekers. The youth is trained to convert challenges into opportunities and making their lives meaningful.

Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri

Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri is editor at The Wallet.

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