Intellectual diplomacy and Saudi Arabia’s relations with Pakistan under the era of testing.

Saudi Arabia's relations with Pakistan
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Intellectual diplomacy plays the role of the backbone in the external affairs of any country. Many countries have won the war and have gained impregnable superiority over other countries through intellectual diplomacy. Intellectual diplomacy is very essential for any country for the achievement of Social, Economy, and political goals. Some countries have become the superpower of the world and have ruled the world through Intellectual diplomacy and some have become a major player in the region through intellectual diplomacy.

Recently Foreign minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi gave a statement about Saudi Arabia. This statement is one of the pieces of intellectual diplomacy in which shah Mahmood Qureshi urged Saudi Arabia for holding the meeting of the council of foreign ministers on the Kashmir issue under OIC. In this statement, Shah Mahmood Qureshi has also warned Saudi Arabia and said: “If Saudi Arabia will not call the meeting of the council of foreign ministers, then I will compel the prime minister Imran khan to call a meeting of the Islamic countries that are ready to stand with Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir.” This statement of shah Mahmood Qureshi has the capability to change the world order.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have very strong and endurable relations since the independence of Pakistan. Saudi Arabia has also supported the Pakistan independence movement before the creation of Pakistan. After the independence of Pakistan, heads of both countries have officially visited each other countries and have made the relations insurmountable. Saudi Arabia has fully supported Pakistan in the war of 1965 and 1971. Many projects have been completed in Pakistan with the unspeakable support of Saudi Arabia. Faisal mosque is the symbol of friendly relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. On the other side, the Pakistani army has trained the Saudi army and has also provided military troops to Saudi Arabia for the security of holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. Pakistani labor is also playing a key role in the progress of Saudi Arabia. Pakistani Investors have also invested billions of dollars in Saudi Arabia and these investments of billions of dollars have boosted the Saudi Economy.

In 2018, when after the election PTI came in power, Prime minister Imran khan officially visited Saudi Arabia and successfully achieved purposes of visits. In this visit, Saudi Arabia has agreed to give 3 billion dollars in foreign currency support for a year and a further loan worth up to 3 billion dollars in deferred payment for oil imports to help stave off of current account crises. This financial support of Saudi Arabia has helped a lot to the Pakistan economy. In this visit, crown prince Muhammad bin Salman has also agreed on the Prime Minister’s suggestion to reduce visit fee for Pakistani workers in Saudi Arabia, This step was very significant towards enhancing the country’s workforce in Saudi Arabia, as well as facilitating the travel of people from both the countries.

In Feb 2019, Saudi prince Muhammad bin Salman officially visited Pakistan and made the relations between both countries more strong and sustainable. In this visit, many agreements were signed between both countries and these agreements made the relations between both countries unspeakable. In this visit, Saudi Arabia agreed for the investing of 10 billion dollars in an oil refinery at Gawadar, Balochistan. Agreement for the promotion and cooperation of sports between both countries was also signed. An MOU was also signed in the field of mineral and mine resources. Besides these agreements, many other agreements between both countries were signed and these agreements were made the relations between both countries indescribable.

On 5 August 2019, the Indian government had annulled the section 370 in the Indian constitution. After this annulment, Kashmiris are under the severe brutality of the Indian army. Kashmiris are under the lockdown of the Indian army since the annulment of section 370. The atrocity of the Indian army is not halted until now. Between 2008 to 2019,4427 people were killed in the freedom movement by the Indian army, according to the Jammu and Kashmir coalition of civil society, a human right group in Jammu and Kashmir and According to the Indian army figure, 47000 Kashmiris have been faced death in the separatist movement between 1989 to 2019. This massacre of Kashmiris is still being continued by the Indian army. Kashmiris are bearing the cruelty of the Indian army every day.

After the annulment of section 370 in the Indian constitution by the Indian government, Pakistani Government has requested many times to Saudi Arabia for holding the meeting of the council of foreign ministers on Kashmir issues under OIC but Saudi Arabia has adopted the policy of evasion on Pakistan’s requests, Although Saudi Arabia has very strong and sustainable relations with Pakistan and in past two or three years, many agreements of billions of dollars were also signed between both countries. The main reason for this Saudi’s evasion policy on Pakistani’s requests is the economical interests of Saudi Arabia with India and America.

Now, Pakistan has chosen a new dimension towards Saudi Arabia due to the back help of China. After the clash of Chinese and Indian army at a location in the Galway valley on the issue of territory, China has also changed her foreign policy. Now China is fully supporting Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir and also supporting Pakistan financially. After the full support of China, Pakistan has capable of adopting the aggressive approach towards Saudi Arabia. Now after the strict statement by the foreign minister of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Saudi Arabia would have to call the meeting of the council of foreign ministers otherwise Pakistan can arrange the meeting on Kashmir issue with the help of those countries who have the same stance on Kashmir issues as Pakistan has on Kashmir issue. If the meeting will be held by Pakistan, then maybe this meeting can change the foreign policy of many countries.

In the current scenario and circumstances, Saudi would have to stop play on both sides of the wicket. Saudi Arabia would have to choose Pakistan or India. intellectual diplomacy should be shown by Saudi Arabia in this situation otherwise, Saudi Arabia could have to bear severe damages in the future. In my opinion, Saudi Arabia should overlooked economical interests with India and America and should call the meeting of the council of foreign ministers on Kashmir issue under OIC because in this situation if Pakistan arranges meeting with the help of those Islamic countries whose have the same stance on Kashmir issue as Pakistan has on Kashmir issue, then this meeting can give rise to the new block of Muslim countries. The new block of Muslim countries in this situation, would not be beneficial for Saudi Arabia and not for the unity of Muslim ummah.

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