Ramzan Guide amid coronavirus outbreak

Ramzan Guide amid coronavirus outbreak
Source: APP

The government after having consultations with all the relevant stakeholders from all the provinces and Azad Kashmir and top clerics of all the sects has issued a set of several guidelines to be followed by the public at large to remain safe from the coronavirus during the holy month of Ramzan. President Arif Alvi himself chaired these consultations and announced afterward that violating these unanimously decided guidelines would be like sin as any violation might put somebody’s life at stake.

They unanimously decided guidelines are:

  • Carpets or other pieces of cloth would not be used in the mosques. Prayers would be offered on the clean floor.
  • Palm mats could be used in the case of the mud floor.
  • Those who would bring their own prayer rugs would be appreciated.
  • Don’t gather before and after the prayer.
  • Prayers would be conducted in open in those mosques and Imam Bargaahs having open yards.
  • People above 50 years and less than 18 years of age and the patients of cough and flue are not allowed to go to the mosques.
  • Taraweeh prayers would be arranged inside the open premises of the mosques and Imam Bargaahs, and using footpaths and roads for prayers would not be allowed.
  • Floors of the mosques and Imam Bargaahs would be regularly cleaned with chlorine spray.
  • This chlorine spray would also be used for palm mats and prayer rugs before saying the prayer.
  • The rows would be arranged in a way that the distance between two rows would be 6 feet. (The government has also issued a sketch for the administration at mosques and Imam Bargaahs showing the arrangement of the rows.)
  • The administrations at mosques and Imam Bargaahs would establish committees of responsible people who would ensure the implementation of precautionary measures.
  • It is advised to the administrations at the mosques and Imam Bargaahs to highlight the places to stand with paint to make it easy for the people to say a prayer.
  • People are supposed to wash their hands for 20 seconds and do ablutions at home before going to the mosques and Imam Bargaahs.
  • It is compulsory to wear masks before entering the mosques and Imam Bargaahs and don’t hug one another.
  • Don’t touch your face unless you wash your hands back at home.
  • It is better to observe Aitkaaf at home in the current situation.
  • Don’t arrange collective Sahar and Aftaar within the premises of mosques and Imam Bargaahs.
  • Administrations and speakers at mosques and Imam Bargaahs would remain constantly in touch with the district and provincial governments and police.
  • Mosques and Imam Bargaahs are conditionally allowed to offer prayers with all the precautionary measures mentioned above.
  • During Ramzan, if it is found that the unanimously decided measures are not being followed properly or the number of coronavirus patients has increased to an alarming level, the government would reconsider its policy for the mosques and Imam Bargaahs. The government has full authority to change its policy for any area most affected by the pandemic.

The twenty-point circular has been specially formulated for all the mosques and Imam Bargaahs in the country for the safety and well-being of the people during the holy month of Ramzan under the chairmanship of President Arif Alvi.

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