A Big Question mark on the working of OIC

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
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Survival of the country without becoming a member of an international organization is difficult as the survival of the fish without water is impossible. Different countries have membership in various international organizations according to their geography and purposes. Some countries under the shade of the European Union are focusing on the achievement of Social, Economy, political and other goals, and other countries want to obtain these objectives through SCO, SAARC, and other international organizations. Muslim countries of the world have membership in different international organizations but the organization of Islamic countries is one of the organizations in which every Muslim country has membership and every Muslim country wants to accomplish these social, economic political, and other goals by the OIC.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) is the largest Muslim inter Government organization with the membership of 57 states, covering four continents. At the time of OIC establishment in 1969 at Rabat, all members of the organization unanimously decided that all members of the organization would play a vital role in the achievement of mutual goals. Members of the organization also determined that member of the organization would raise voice in international level unanimously for these issues which are being faced by its member countries but since it’s establishment OIC Could not play a significant role in the solving of issues which were being faced by the Muslim world and Now OIC has been failed badly to the achieving of current goals.

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Representatives
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People of the Kashmir are bearing the atrocity of tyrannic army in every breath and every second. After the annulment of section 370 of the Indian constitution, people of the Kashmir continuingly under the severe compulsion of the Indian army. Between 2008 to 2019, 4427 people were killed in the freedom movement by Indian army, according to the Jammu and Kashmir coalition of civil society, a human right group in Jammu and Kashmir and according to Indian army almost 47000 Kashmiris have been forfeited their lives in the separatist movement between 1989 to 2008 but OIC did nothing for Kashmir issue except giving a statement of regret.

The issue of Palestine is also an issue that has a resemblance to the Kashmir issue. Thousands of Palestinians were assassinated by the Israeli army brutally. Hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza strip and West Bank had to confronted death in 2018 by the airstrike of the Israeli army. The chain of death has not been halted by the Israeli army until now. Emancipation has become so precious for Palestinian people.OIC did not take any substantial steps for Palestine till now.

The issue of Iraq and Syria is not hidden from the OIC. The civil wars of these countries are being continued since 2011. Civil war has devasted the economy of the country entirely. Civil war has affected the people of these countries badly. War is still going on and no one knows when this war will be ended.OIC is also not playing a crucial role in the stoping of these civil wars.

Yemen crises have also become an issue that is not overlooked by any country in the world. According to the UNICEF, Yemen is the largest humanitarian crises in the world, with more than 24 million people, some 80 percent of the population, in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million children, since the conflict escalated in March 2015, the country has become a living hell for the country’s children. This report is enough for the eye-opener of the OIC But OIC is still not doing any necessary measurements for the solving of Yemen crises.

Besides these above-mentioned issues, the role of OIC for the solving of many other issues is very emaciated. OIC could not take the essential steps for the prevention of Blasphemy. Work that has been done by the OIC for the protection of children and women is also not adequate. Many other issues that I could not highlight in which the OIC role for the solving of issues is under a question mark.

In the current scenario and Circumstances, OIC should rethink its own working. All the Muslim countries should be united for the solving of current issues. A unanimous voice should be raised in all international forms by all member countries of OIC on the issues, which are being faced to the Muslim world. The tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran should also be dispelled We should not be a divide on race, color, and sectarian basis because damages that have been sustained to the Muslim world due to the division on race, color, and sectarian basis are irreparable.

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