Private hospitals mafia and private laboratories

Private hospitals mafia

In around the world, when any challenging situation comes on the nation, people of the nation face a challenging situation with iron hands. If any global calamity comes on the nations, people of the nations handle the calamity by global planning. People come together and help each other in challenging circumstances but some people start to stocking money by flouting the law and forgetting humanity in a tough time.

In the present scenario, COVID 19 pandemic has devasted the world entirely. The catastrophe of the COVID 19 has affected every country without any distinction. Pakistan is also inclusive in the list of most affected countries by the COVID 19 outbreak. People in Pakistan are helping the poor and the people who have been affected badly by COVID 19 pandemic but still, some people are stocking money by violating the law. The main focus of these people is to stocking money by using the compulsion of the people.

When harmful COVID 19 virus has started to encompass the people in Pakistan, people who had a stock of masks and sanitizer, have started to sell these masks and sanitizer with an unbelievable price, Which mask had the price of 20 rupees. People had started to sell these masks with a price of 100 per mask. Prices of sanitizer had also been abruptly changed. Sanitizer which was available before the COVID 19 at the price of 2 hundred, leaped to 5 hundred in the pandemic time. In this way, many people used this time to accumulating money by flouting laws.

In the present time, when the affected patients of COVID 19 have crossed the figure of one lac in Pakistan, Private hospitals mafia has to focused on their stocking money. Patients of COVID 19 are increasing day by day, same in this way charges of the private hospital’s rooms are rising day by day.which rooms were available before the COVID 19 pandemic, in the rate of 5 thousand to 10 thousand for per day, now these rooms are available at the rate of one lac for per day for COVID 19 patients, if you have been admitted to the ICU room then you will have to pay 1.5 lac for per day. Medicines which are given to COVID 19 patients in these rates, are Panadol and paracetamol. This type of private hospital,s behavior is an atrocity on the COVID 19 patients and their families.

Now according to some news sources, an injection has come into the market which may be beneficial for the COVID 19 patients. Actemra is the name of this injection. Before spreading this news, this injection can be helpful for the COVID 19 patients, the price of this infection was 29 thousand, After spreading news, this injection may be helpful for the COVID 19 patient, the price of injection has been raised to 1 lac. This type of behavior is so unethical to the Combat of COVID 19 pandemic.

The behavior of private laboratories is not different from private hospitals.COVID 19 pandemic is intensifying day by day in the Pakistan same in this way more people are coming to private laboratories for COVID 19 tests but private laboratories instead giving relief to the COVID suspected COVID 19 patients in this hazardous time, they started to focus on the stocking of money from the people. These laboratories provide COVID 19 tests at a rate of 5 thousand to 10 thousand per test.

In the present scenario, Law and enforcement departments will have to vigilant for the capturing of these people who are involving in the stocking of money and flouting the laws without any fear and will have to give harsh punishment to them. Besides this, we will have to appreciate these people who do not forget the poor and affected people of COVID 19 in a tough time and are continuing to help them.COVID 19 is the global pandemic and we will have to deal with the global approach and every person will have to play a key role in the combating of COVID 19 pandemic.

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