On Pakistan Day, PM urges nation to fight corona pandemic

Prime Minister Imran Khan while lauding the nerve of Pakistani nation against the ordeals in the past, urged the countrymen to show utmost unity, discipline, and passion to fight the coronavirus pandemic that had engulfed the world.

“I am proud to say that the Pakistani nation has the capability to face any ordeal. While celebrating Pakistan Day this year, we need unity, discipline, and passion to face the catastrophe that has engulfed the whole world,” the prime minister said in a message to the nation on Pakistan Day.

He requested the people to take precautions without getting panicked as he was personally monitoring the government’s measures against the pandemic.

“God willing, we will stand victorious in this test,” he remarked.

He said March 23, was a golden day when the Muslims of the subcontinent had decided to establish an independent Muslim state to get rid of the oppression of the Hindu majority.

The prime minister said by the creation of Pakistan, the Muslims of the subcontinent got their rights to promote their cultural identity, religious freedom, and progress which otherwise had been subjugated by the Hindu majority.

He said the incident and the situation pervading for the last 70 years evidenced the vision and far-sightedness of our forefathers.

He also prayed to Allah Almighty for the success of the Pakistani nation in achieving the national objectives and dealing with the ongoing ordeal.

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