Permission from first wife not necessary for second marriage: Council of Islamic Ideology

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Second Marriage

Council of Islamic Ideology has said that there is no need to get permission from the first wife for the second marriage.

According to the details, the Council of Islamic Ideology has ratified its decision about the second marriage made in 2013 that the consent of the first wife is not necessary for the second marriage.

This opinion from the Council of Islamic Ideology has been issued upon the request of the Parliamentary Committee on Law & Justice to make it a part of the Family Laws Amendment Bill.

According to the media reports, the council has said that it stands by its decision made in 2013 under the chairmanship of Muhammad Khan Sherani that first wife’s permission for the second marriage is unnecessary.

The council has further said that there is no need to get permission from the Arbitration Council or even a civil judge for the second marriage and it is absolutely legitimate to have four wives at a time.

Council of Islamic Ideology Chairman Qibla Ayaz while talking to media said that a husband can go for the second marriage without the consent of the first wife.

He also said that it is very much clear according to the teachings of Islam that if the husband is in a position to fulfil the rights of more than one wife, there is no issue in having more than one wife then.

In the programme of a Lahore-based news channel City 42, a man, responding to the question of a reporter, said: “According to the Islamic laws, the second marriage is allowed but when there is a question of maintaining justice between wives, it becomes difficult to have more than one wife.”

In the same programme, a lady said that this right should remain with the wives as this decision would make the husband-wife relationship one-sided.

A newly wedded husband while talking to the reporter said that he was thinking of going for the second marriage and this decision had made him pleasantly happy.

Social media can also be seen flooding with mixed reviews about this issue; some are in favour of the decision while some are opposing it.

Surprisingly, women are also being seen favouring this decision as per the teachings of Islam.

A lady wrote on Facebook that this authority is given to the husbands by the religion and women cannot deny it.

In the holy book of Quran, it is clearly stated that a man can have four wives at a time but the only condition in this regard is doing justice. If a man can do justice among more than one wife, he can have up to four wives at a time.

It is important to mention here that according to Islam the stress is not on having more than one marriage rather it is on doing justice among the wives. If somebody is not capable of maintaining justice among more than one wife, he should not go for more marriages as it will not only harm their relationships but also cause social disorder.

Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri

Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri is editor at The Wallet.


  1. A man can do justice amongst four wives, is only possible when the wives do justice to the man by not forcing him to go to his second third or fourth wife.

  2. Islam is revealed religion leaving no scope for believers to introduce innovation on their liking etc
    Justice means that he should treat all four in similar manner no other conditions imposed by the exalted law giver

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