Palestinian-Israel conflict and foreign policy of the middle east countries

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Palestinian-Israel conflict

The world has confronted many deleterious conflicts and the chain of these conflicts is not come to end. Kurdish -Turkish conflict, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Tigray conflict, Kivu conflict, Libyan conflict and many other conflicts which can not be obliterated from the pages of present and history books. These conflicts have not only devested the economies of many countries but also have taken away the lives of thousands of people. Palestinian -Israel conflict is the conflict, which is also come on the list of these conflicts but this conflict has distinct nature and history besides all other conflicts. This conflict is not confined in years rather it is spread out in decades. This conflict has a major influence on the foreign policy of many countries.

The Palestinian-Israel conflict started came on the pages of world newspapers and international magazines in the early 20th century when through “the Balfour declaration” Britain started to settle Jews in the Palestinian territory. Due to Jews settlement, the population of the Jews started to increase in Palestinian territory .In the end, on 29 November 1947 UN had to divide Palestinian territory into two-state because Jews had been very strong in Palestinian territory but this division could not solve the conflict rather aggravated the conflict. Palestinian -Israel conflict has become the reason for two ferocious wars between the Arab League and Israel in 1948 and 1967. Both these two wars were won by Israel. Through these two wars, Israel had also captured many  territory of Palestinian and the territory of Jordan and Egypt.

In the past few years, many attempts have been done by America and many other countries for the solving of this conflict but this conflict is not on the way to solve. Oslo Accords (1993) Camp David (2000) Taba summit (2001) are examples of these attempts which were done by America and many other countries of the world but all these attempts could not be fruitful. Still this conflict on the pages of world newspapers, international magazines, and in the agenda of the united nation.

In the current era, Israel through her tricky strategy and her strong intelligence agency slowly is capturing the territory of Palestinian. Israel wants to convert her greater Israel dream into reality and due to this, Israel is playing a deceitful game in the Middle East region and America is the partner of this deceitful game.

Israel has started to grow her roots in the middle east countries. Recently, Israel’s recognition by the UAE and Bahrain. Both countries want to make adequate relations with Israel for attaining economical benefits. Israel’s advanced military weapons are also the reason for recognition by UAE and Bahrain. UAE has hostilities with Iran and these hostilities can also be the reason for making sustainable relations with Israel because Iran is also the enemy of the Israel and through making good relations, both countries can make better strategy against Iran.

After recognition by UAE and Bahrain, Israel has moved toward Saudi Arabia. Israel has contact with Saudi Arabia through back channels but Saudi Arabia has not recognized Israel as a country until today. Israel wants to make sustainable relations with Saudi Arabia with the help of America. According to some international media sources. A few days before Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Saudi prince Muhammad bin Salman at Saudi Arabia’s Neom city secretly but Saudi Arabia denies this news. Although this meeting was held or not but one thing is clear that Saudi Arabia and Israel have secret relations. Reasons for these secret relations are the same which have become the base of Israel’s recognition by the UAE and Bahrain.

After the recognition of Israel by the UAE and Bahrain, Israel has also pressurized Pakistan for Israel’s recognition through America and some Arab countries but the stance of Pakistan on the Palestinian-Israel conflict is not changed. Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan has also cleared that Pakistan will not recognize the Israel whenever conflict will not be solved according to the aspiration of the Palestinian people. The reason for this strong stance on Palestinian – Israel conflict is the reply of Quaid -e -Azam to Israel first prime minister Ben-Gurion.

This reply was given at that time when Israel’s first prime minister wrote a letter to the Quaid -e-Azam for the development of diplomatic relations between both countries and Quaid -e-Azam reply to the letter was that Every man and woman of the Muslim world will die before Jewry seizes Jerusalem. I hope the Jews will not succeed in their nefarious designs and I wish Britain and America should keep their hands off and then I will see how the Jews conquer Jerusalem. The Jews, over half a million have already been accommodated in Jerusalem against the wishes of the people. May I know which other country has accommodated them? if domination and exploitation and carried now, there will be no peace and end of wars

In the current time and circumstance, the unity between Muslim countries on Palestinian -Israel conflict has become unaidable. Middle East Muslim countries should not change their stance on the Palestinian-Israel conflict and should not recognize Israel for getting some economical benefits. These benefits can make them economically strong but these economical benefits will bury the efforts of king Faisal and many other Arab leaders which had been done for the Muslim unity and the welfare of the Muslims of the world.

Palestinian-Israel conflict should be solved according to the aspiration of the Palestinian people. Middle East Muslim countries should think about the deceived strategy of Israel, through which Israel can convert her greater Israel dream into reality. Saudi Arabia and UAE should not be used by the hands of America. Middle east muslim countries should play an instrumental role in the unity of Muslim ummah. Unity of Muslim ummah is also necessary because Allah says in the Quran:

And hold fast to the rope of Allah, all of you together and do not be divided; and remember Allah’s favor on you (Summary of  Surah Al e Imran-103)

Muhammad Azam Nagra

Muhammad Azam Nagra is a columnist and social activist. He is also doing the Final year of LLB Hons from Punjab University, Lahore.

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