Corona effect: Pakistan stopped from signing Hajj contracts


The Government of Saudi Arabia has asked the authorities at Pakistan not to make bookings and arrangements for the stay and traveling of the people for the upcoming Hajj. Keeping in view the circumstances created after the outbreak of coronavirus, Saudi Arabia has not confirmed the conduct of Hajj this year so far.

According to a letter by Saudi Minister for Hajj and Umrah Dr. Mohammad Saleh Bin Taher Bentan to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, any agreement or arrangements of transportation and accommodation of intending pilgrims must be deferred.

The Saudi minister said, “No agreements for the Haj 1441 should be made till the situation for coronavirus is known.”

He further said that the Saudi government was closely monitoring the current situation and its effects.

He added that the Government of Saudi Arabia would inform the Government of Pakistan about any progress made in that connection.

As per the Saudi Minister, it is important to ensure the safety of intending pilgrims arriving at the two Holy Mosques in view of recommendations of health organizations following the global spread of coronavirus.

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