GIKI graduates develop Pakistan’s first online shopping search engine

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Shopping Gum Startup
Shoppinggum Founders

Internet has revolutionized the World. Everyone has access to it either in the form of WiFi or 3G, 4G. It has become an important part of one’s daily life. Additionally, the e-commerce industry is reaching new heights in Pakistan. Online shopping is one of the benefits that the internet provides. For online shopping, the best platform you will ever find is, the first real-time online search engine developed in the Country.

Many problems arise during online shopping. To remove all such issues, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) graduates Mr. Muhammad Bilal Jamil and Mr. Syed Ali Abbas Haider have stepped forward with the solution, shoppingum is the biggest and the most authentic online search engine Pakistan has in the present time. It is the most convenient and credible shopping platform. It has over 3.2 million items available from across 210 online stores in Pakistan. It is open 24/7 for the services of its customers. Shoppingum has brought a massive change in the searching of the products be it first hand or second hand, used or unused; all products are available here that decreases the uneasiness of its customer. Now, the customers do not have to browse so many search engines to get their required items.

Shoppingum provides the most efficient online searching for products. It monitors the products across all Pakistani online stores. One can get his/her desired product from the most reliable online store.  It is user friendly by all aspects. It lessens the online shopping journey of the user and brings them the desired product they are searching for.

Shoppingum takes great care of its customers by providing products that are affordable in prices and best in quality. Shoppingum offers a side to side price comparison highlight which tells the customer not only of the price but also the quality of the product from various online shopping websites e.g,, etc. This protects the customer from all fake information, products, and prices.

Shoppingum has also a complex live algorithm that starts to function when the user searches a specific product.

Minor spelling mistakes are done by the user while searching their product that too is taken into account by It corrects the spellings and brings the right product to the service of its customer.

Shoppingum provides very accurate and reliable results to its customers. It tells the customer whether the online store is delivering their chosen product during this lockdown or not. The site also helps the user in identifying which online store is nearby to their sending address so that they can place their order from that specific online store.

Shoppingum is an effective website by all means. Especially during this lockdown when everyone is observing social distance and is isolated, all are worried as to how their daily needs will be fulfilled. The solution to this is none other than Shoppingum.

In conclusion, is the biggest online platform that provides a variety of products with a range of prices in one place. All problems that one has to go through during online shopping, have been eradicated by to provide a smooth online shopping experience to its customers.

So without wasting a single time, visit and make your online shopping way better and stress-free than before!

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