Oh My Genius Entrepreneurial Bootcamp at Aghosh Murree” By CMACED

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Oh My Genius Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

Joining hands for the betterment of others can bring positive social change. To continue this social initiative, this time Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) and Al-Khidmat Foundation join hands to develop an entrepreneurial mindset up of orphan kids at the grass-root level in Pakistan.

Oh, My genius Entrepreneurial Bootcamp at Aghosh Murree is going to happen under CMACED’s unit “Oh My Genius” which is specially designed to educate kids about future business possibilities at a very early stage of their studies. And another unit Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) is collaborating in this Bootcamp to train Kids of Aghosh home. It is a 5-day certified Bootcamp from 9th to 13th of November in which highly qualified trainers will engage the participant kids through various learning and entertaining activities on campus and off-campus to improve their psychological capabilities towards an entrepreneurial mindset.

This Bootcamp under the alliance of these social growth ventures will emphasize least focused kids that how to grow up by using their unidentified skills. Because kids or especially orphans don’t get a chance to attend such type of academic platform and they remain less confident in comparison to other Kids. And It’s the reason they cannot take a step for their own startups. In these 5 days they will get to work on cool projects, hands-on activities, engage in fun and developing real-world products. The Bootcamp will contain both non-tech and tech-based activities. That will help them to boost their self-esteem, identify opportunities, and inculcating strong belief in their abilities. Because to date, little attention has been paid to kids in such entrepreneurial initiatives.

Kids are our asset for the future and no child will feel orphaned in itself if together we will try to bring them up. To make these thoughts practical we need to train them to become more focused or committed to their aims. The Social Entrepreneurship Program of CMACED’s vision is to bring positive change in society by providing interactive education to enhance civic ethics among youth.

This boot camp is going to happen with a wide range of activities in which they learn about networking, team building, idea development, business modeling, and idea pitching. This time an example of a great social initiative is going to be set in Aghosh Homes Murree for bringing up innocent faces toward their bright future.

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