CMACED launches “Oh My Genius Entrepreneurial Boot Camp” for kids

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By Sofia Akram

“OH MY GENIUS Entrepreneurial Bootcamp” is all about brainstorming ideas for youngsters in our society. It can help kids come up with new ideas regarding entrepreneurship. This camp is based on a course which includes; how to mentor, how to support, and how to equip children nowadays with certain important sets of skills and know-how to become successful future entrepreneurs. Therefore, this camp can benefit the kids coming from any socioeconomic background. The reason behind this diversity is that the course is offered in this boot camp advises kids to nurture unconventional skills and talents and to think outside the box.

In addition, it also creates opportunities, making sure that social justice stimulates the economy and instills confidence. The kids entrepreneurship camp contains a curriculum program of interactive training that helps kids become young entrepreneurs and makes them become real-life success stories in our society.

It is 5 days certified program that includes; how to mentor, how to support, and how to equip children nowadays with certain important skills and techniques to become successful future entrepreneurs. After successfully completing this program, the kids may develop a sense of leadership in their personalities that would further lead them to a successful entrepreneurial career path.

This entrepreneurship boot camp consists of five days and is basically a 15-hour simulated learning process in which we would try to deconstruct social problems and find innovative business ideas to solve those problems. Therefore, kids can learn how to be creative and take baby steps towards being an entrepreneur.

This is a program based on activity-based stimulated learning while using real-life business problems and opportunities. Hence, with the help of this learning program, the kids will empathize, communicate, develop, destruct, and construct ideas into realities. Kids will be trained and coached with ample of opportunities which include the following:

Think outside the Box: Kids will learn about; what is entrepreneurship? why do we need to understand the basics of entrepreneurship? entrepreneurial traits/characteristics, innovation, idea generation, creativity, and hurdles in its way. There will be different activities like video clips, worksheets, etc.

Setting the Stage: Kids will learn about; business model, why do we need a business model and wheel of business model?

Building the Blocks: Kids will learn about; what is a prototype? how and when to use prototyping?

Ready, Get Set, Go! Kids will learn about; creating the brand name of a business, the tagline for the brand, color scheme, customers, and competitors.

Lights, Camera, and Action! Kids will present their work.

 Media Coverage:

Media coverage will be done by Roznama Nai Baat, Neo, LAHORE RANG, BOOM FM 106, Ekselent TV, and The Wallet.


Partners for this program are: NSPIRE, ROBOTRONICS, DAWN BREAD, and INFINIT.


The collaborators of the program are Superior University, CMACED, PBIT, NSPIRE, The City School, The Spirit School, APPSF, ROBOTRONICS, LYCETUFF, ODEM, DAWN BREAD, and BSS.

This camp would bring forward young entrepreneurial mindsets and polish them to be great and successful entrepreneurs of the future. It is designed for young kids currently in school.  The mission behind organizing this boot camp is to make Pakistan economically and socially secure with the help of an entrepreneurial mindset. Youth is the asset of Pakistan and can make Pakistan economically strong if it is provided in the right direction.

Let’s conquer yourself to conquer the world…….!!!!!!

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