OH MY GENIUS Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

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OH MY GENIUS Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

OH MY GENIUS Entrepreneurial Bootcamp was all about brainstorming the ideas of youth. It helped kids to bring forward unique ideas of entrepreneurship and start their new ventures. This course aided the little ones and supported them in polishing the skills they already have with certain activities and skills learning process. It also provided them full proof guidance to start their work. They were able to think outside the box and nurtured their unconventional talents and skills. Additionally, the Bootcamp created opportunities for them by creating their logos as a complimentary gift.

Thus, this entrepreneurship program for kids provided interactive training which helped kids to be successful young entrepreneurs and become future success stories. Therefore, kids learned how to be created and how to take baby steps for their new venture. So, it was an activity-based learning process using real-life entrepreneurial opportunities and problems. The kids empathized, communicated, developed, destructed, and constructed ideas into realities. There were five stages; Think outside the Box, Setting the Stage, Building the Blocks, Ready, Get Set, Go! And the last Lights, Camera, and Action!

Lights, Camera, and Action!

This day was filled with fun activities and presentation of kids. The kids resented their business ideas to the judges. They explained their ideas so well in a very attractive and professional way possible. The kids decided very catchy names for their business ideas. The names included;

  • Mini Sal (kids Salon company)
  • Kidcinema (cinema for kids)
  • Muffin Man (kids cafe)
  • TeenEat (restaurant for teenagers)
  • Painty (kids only painting)
  • BeautyVan (mobile beauty parlor)
  • PinkLush (girls boutique)

Therefore, it was a successful event for both kids and the team Oh My Genius. The team played as a support system for the young entrepreneurs for these 5 days and promised them to be helpful as in the future too. Nevertheless, we must appreciate this initiative of CMACED to cater to young entrepreneurs to make Pakistan economically superior. The motive of team Oh My Genius is “One Team One Dream”.

Concluding, CMACED wants to bring forward young energetic mindsets and help them to be successful in the future by polishing them and nurturing them with the basic or extensive skill sets needed for their new or existing ventures. So, the mission of CMACED is to make Pakistan socially and economically secure with the help of such boot camps from time to time throughout the year.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

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