No hugging this Eid, tells Dr Zafar Mirza

Source: APP

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza on Friday said that public out there should try to say Eid prayer at home and avoid embracing one another on Eid.

According to the details, Dr. Zafar Mirza while holding a press briefing said that the only way to control the spread of coronavirus is to be careful. Talking about the impending Eid–ul–Fitar, he said that offering prayer at homes is the best thing amid coronavirus outbreak as it would benefit all. He further said that this Eid is different from all the Eids we have been enjoying in the past. He stressfully said that this Eid we shall wish others from a distance and by not embracing one another as there are big chances of the transmission of the virus this way.

He also said that where Eid prayer gatherings are being held, all the SOPs will be strictly implemented there.

He said that the government resumed the business activities and public transport facilities across the country so that people might shop for Eid or go back to their loved ones to enjoy the religious festival. The situation after this relaxation is quite unsatisfactory as nobody is following the SOPs the government has introduced in this regard, he said adding that a rush of people is being seen everywhere.

Especially, at the time of Aftaar, this rush multiplies, and no social distancing is observed. He warned that if we do not follow the precautionary measures, the number of deaths may exponentially increase and we shall not be able to hold anybody responsible for that except our own selves.

He further said that it is very much possible to stop the spread of this virus with the help of certain measures and on top of all is a social distancing that if properly adopted can actually stop the transmission of this virus. He added that if we do not maintain distance despite knowing the fact that distancing controls its spread, we ourselves shall be responsible for the dire consequences.

Requesting everybody to be careful and distant, he said that keep doing your worldly affairs but with much caution.

Talking about shopping malls and public transport, he said that the use of masks was not mandatory earlier but now it has been made mandatory to use masks while visiting shops and malls and traveling through public transport. By doing so, you will not only save yourself but others too, he added.

In the end, he said that this is the last week of Ramzan and Eid is approaching but, due to the lock-down, a huge number of people who either lost their jobs or businesses are unable to enjoy the festivity of this occasion.

He added that if you know such people who are affected by the implications of this situation, this is the high time when you can help them without hurting their self-respect. He further said that whenever Pakistan faces some difficult situation, our generous people come to the forefront and help each other without even announcing it.

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