NAB is not invented by me, tells Prime Minister Imran Khan

Source: APP

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that National Accountability Bureau is not invented by him neither he has appointed a single person in it.

While addressing the parliament, the prime minister said that 90 percent of cases in NAB are registered before his government. It is very unfortunate that if a case is registered against anybody, it is termed as political revenge, he added.

Talking about the spread of coronavirus, he said that his government was the only government in the world that was not confused over the steps taken against this deadly virus. He added that since the beginning of this issue from March 13, there was no contradiction in his statements and nobody can deny it. He also paid tribute to the National Command & Operations Committee (NCOC) for its extraordinary efforts in the eradication of coronavirus. The situation in the country is very different now, he said adding that if people do not be careful at this stage, there would be more pressure on the hospitals.

Explaining the financial damages done to the country due to COVID-19, he said that according to the latest figures released by the IMF, the world economy has declined by 12 billion dollars while only England’s economy has declined by 20 percent.

He also said that he is the biggest fundraiser in Pakistan and he has never felt shame in collecting money for the sake of the poor people of his country but asking other countries for help was literally humiliating.

Talking about the bad performance of the former governments, he said that the country is buying expensive electricity but selling it at cheap rates just because of the wrong policies of the former governments. He added that due to the 15 years contract of LNG, the gas is being sold at half of the rate that is being paid to buy it.

Throwing light on the performance of his government, he said that his government has brought the current account deficit from 20 billion dollars to 3 only billion dollars.

He also told the parliament that there is no primary deficit left due to the austerity campaign of the government.

It is for the second time now when the army has curtailed its expenses despite the fact India is increasing its defense budget, he said and added that so far his government has repaid 5000 billion dollars as the installments of loans.

He also said that so far his government has constructed 200 panagahs for the labourers and daily wagers and while it is being planned to expand them in the whole country.

He further said that the government is giving 1 crore Insaf Cards to the deserving families who, with the help of this card, will be able to get treatment at various public and private hospitals.

He also appreciated Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood for developing one core education syllabus for all the educational institutes in the country and bringing madrassahs to mainstream education.

He said that his government’s biggest success is in its foreign policy. He added that since the beginning of his government, he has decided not to participate in any war but peace talks.

He said that Pakistan’s relations with other countries are established now on equal terms. He said that now American President Trump requests Pakistan to play its role in bringing peace to Afghanistan. He added that if there is peace in Afghanistan, Central Asia will be open for trade.

In the end, he said that no nation can move without a vision and the vision of his government is to transform Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state following the principles of the state of Madinah.

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