Pakistani Teenager Musa Tanveer YouTuber makes record

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Musa Tanveer

LAHORE: On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Pakistan’s Independence Day, a surprising record of a ten-year-old model and actor Musa Tanveer has come to light. Musa Tanveer has been awarded Diamond Play Button by YouTube for reaching 10 million subscribers of his channel Entertainment with Musa, which is very happy news for Pakistanis on the occasion of Independence Day.

Musa Tanveer is Pakistan’s first Diamond Play Button holder who has received this honor individually. Musa Tanveer has been uploading videos based on reform messages on YouTube for two years, which is being appreciated all over the world including in Pakistan and India.

Musa Tanveer’s videos have the roles of himself and his younger sister Zamzam, which highlight various social aspects. Musa Tanweer has announced his honor in the name of Pakistan’s independence on the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day. Musa Tanveer, a model-turned-actor, is studying in fifth grade and currently resides in Dubai with his family. He has announced to make telefilms soon.

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