Meet the most favourite social media influencer from Pakistan, Fatima Imran

Fatima Imran Interview with The Wallet

Tell us something about yourself.

Hi, I am Fatima Imran. Right after completing my MPhil in Mass Communication, I started my blog; initially, my blog was about random stuff and my acting videos. But soon I realized I could do wonders with this platform and within a short span of time, I gained a huge amount of following on my Instagram. Now I am a social media influencer and mother of a naughty toddler and I am quite proud of it. Alhamdulillah

Fatima Imran- Photoshoot by The Wallet News

How and why did you think of becoming a social media star?

I’ve never thought of becoming a social media star. I just started this to pass my time. But gradually I realized how influential this platform can be, so I decided to post regularly and Alhamdulillah audiences really appreciate and like my content.

Which social media platforms do you use to show your art and skills?

Mostly Instagram (Fatima Imran).

Is being a social media start financially helpful too?

Initially, I used to make content just for fun, but gradually I started making some money out of it by promoting different brands

Fatima Imran by The Wallet News Fatima Imran Photo by The Wallet News

 Where do you get inspiration from?

I am a good observer and a quick learner. I find inspiration in a variety of people and things but I am greatly inspired by my Mother. I know this sounds cliché, but yeah she is my source of inspiration. I have learned from her to never lose hope and keep working hard in your life.

How does it feel being loved and appreciated by so many fans?

Of course, it feels great but at the same time, I feel pressurised as well, because when people follow you, they trust you and they expect honesty. So I post my 100% honest reviews on my social media platform. I interact with them as much as I can by arranging Q n A sessions on Instagram.

Any offers or plans to join showbiz?

Ermm…. No, not yet.

Fatima Imran Some of the best Tiktok Videos

How do you keep yourself in shape despite having a baby too?

It’s really very difficult. People might see me posing wearing a nice dress, hair styled properly with perfect makeup but they don’t know the real effort behind it. I’ve worked really hard after a baby to get back in shape and I am still working on it. I haven’t achieved my desired weight yet. Let’s see when I will be able to make it.

Is handling fans gets difficult sometimes?

Yeah, especially when they get too personal but I guess that’s not their fault. When you become public, fans really want to know everything about you. But they sometimes forget that it is not easy for us to share everything publicly

Any message for the readers?

I just want to say that there is no such thing as “right time”. If you want to do something, the right time is NOW, just do it. If you want to learn singing, go for it, don’t wait for the right time. Make you’re Now is the right time. Cherish your every passing minute and be grateful to Allah.

Rapid Fire Round

Favorite Perfume?


If not a social media star?

Social worker

Favorite place to spend the holidays?

Northern areas

Favorite actor?

Daniel Craig

Favorite Actress?

Kareena Kapoor

Favorite Song?

Zindagi dhoop tum ghana saya

Favorite Person?

My husband

Favorite City?

Santorini, Greece

Last wish before death?

I want to take my parents for Hajj, InshaAllah


  1. I just love the interview. Well organised & composed. Looking forward for more interview of favourite people.

  2. She is my one of my fav tiktoker also a great inspiration for me …got to learn many things from her…stay same stay blessed fatima appi

  3. Really liked it beautifully organised the answers.
    Keep it up faraz saab.
    Nd superb interview.

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