Life in Saudi Arabia and wells of memories

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Life in Saudi Arabia and wells of memories
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Being born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and having lived and gone through most of my time there I am enamored with explorer, with places going from the territory of Asir to the area of Makkah and practically all the urban areas en route, the experience itself has picked me, I have a most extreme lovely recollection with the district as a result of its one of the kind and unique culture and customs. I like and appreciated the life Saudia in each viewpoint in spite of frequently heard analysis which is genuine yet exceptionally overstated and in some cases one-sided.

Life in Jeddah

I lived in Jeddah. The city is alive 24/7. Those who’ve lived abroad expertise it feels when the night starts, everybody hurries to their homes and shops closes. In any case, in Jeddah it’s the inverse, on the off chance that you are sufficiently fortunate to spend Ramadan in Jeddah, you will understand that life begins at 12 a.m. Jeddah has something for everybody, and those who’ve lived here can vouch for that. Jeddah is home to numerous individuals who totally love it!

Jeddah City Jeddah’s proximity to the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah is one of the greatest privileges of living here. You can just rush to either city anytime.


A lovely culture of local people and Saudis is to detach from the hurrying around of the city life. While trying to accomplish harmony, they find devastated spots close to the ocean side where the sole constituents must be sand, mud, water, and family. Under the sparkling night sky, they structure a basic yet great Arabic treats of dates and a natural tea called, Kahwa.

Picnic is my acclaimed leisure activity and in winter the Corniche and the town’s parks are pressed with families. You have to pass ahead of schedule inside the day to maintain a strategic distance from night blockage. We used to go through our ends of the week on the delightful corniche of Jeddah. The new waterfront in Jeddah is a stunning spot to invest your time and energy with family. We regularly visit corniche to watch the astounding sunrise and sunset. Doing your iftaar on oceanside is another excellence of spending Ramadan in Jeddah. Iftaar at the Red Sea is simply entrancing.

There are beaches just toward the north of Jeddah in which you can enlist boats and stream skis. Around 12 miles (19km) from the town community are various non-open coastline clubs with swimming areas, eateries, and bistros. They are own family-accommodating and ex-pats can get the right of passage to them by means of purchasing a day sidestep or turning into a part. Diving is one of the most well-known games for individuals living in Jeddah. The Red Sea is one of the worldwide’s best plunge places.

Food in Jeddah

Kabsa is extremely popular as a national dish of Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that it is delighted in all Arabian Peninsula, known as Makboos. The dish is similar to Persian and Pakistani biryani, long-grain rice cooked in vigorously spiced stock, with chicken, sheep, or camel meat. It can likewise be presented with fish or shrimp. Kabsa is served on a huge platter, intended to be shared and consistently eaten by the right hand.

Serving every single significant food from around the globe with sensible costs, Jeddah’s top-notch food experience is the thing that Jeddawis relish in. Regardless of whether you are in the state of mind for something fast and not all that extravagant you can go for food, for example, shawarma, falafel, tameez, or flame-broiled chicken and rice. Since we are regarding the matter of food, Al Baik is the most cherished seared chicken setting in Jeddah which not just offers extraordinary quality and taste of food but on the other hand, is simple on pockets.

Shopping in Jeddah

Jeddah has a wide range of rambling shopping centers with youngsters’ diversion community that makes them an incredible goal for families throughout the late spring. Shopping centers like Mall of Arabia, Flamingo Mall, Red Sea Mall are some renowned shopping centers in Jeddah which are pressed with worldwide brands.

Gold in Jeddah

Dealers sell adornments, articles of clothing, textures, and oriental nourishments on the clamoring antique souqs of Al Balad. It might be wild, anyway, it’s an astounding area for ex-pats to have a neighborhood experience. The gold souqs, where groups of shops sell gold through weight, shouldn’t be overlooked. These unique markets are situated inside the Al Balad area. Most dealers are earnest because of the reality they need rehash business so ex-pats can confront trouble yet additionally appreciate purchasing gold.

The diverse culture

There are hundred or more nationalities living in Jeddah, you have bound to have met individuals from all around the globe, on the off chance that you’ve lived here for a couple of years. Saudia is the Second home for Millions of Expats living there. I’m certain everyone will have loads of recollections to esteem.

The most missed things about the Kingdom I couldn’t imagine anything better than to share is driving hundreds and thousands of kilometers by street as I am a voyaging amateur, getting a charge out of the Saudi food like Kabsa, Mandi, Camel meat and so on, Barbecue at Beach, Desert camps, Beach camps, water sport, Quad biking, and so on.

Being an ex-pat girl in Saudi Arabia

Females and Saudi Arabia are both things that don’t seem to head all in all well overall. Of way, it isn’t generally a haven here for young ladies, the driving boycott, among various issues, might be very actual. However, the lifestyle I experienced in Saudi Arabia could be very modified or different than what the stacks of data articles dispersed all through the web have clarified. Everyday ways of life here, explicitly for a young lady, is troublesome however not feasible.

Regularly whatever a lady is wearing under Abaya, nobody becomes more acquainted with it. This is a positive point for ladies as they don’t have to think a great deal before going out. All things considered; this is something positive for men just as they don’t need to hold up a ton.

All the phony and fake clamor the media propounds with respect to the Arab ladies and ex-pat ladies being abused isn’t just ridiculous. Saudi men set ladies up in place of worship and hence try to guarantee that they are treated with most extreme consideration, love, and regard. There may be an imbalance among Saudi people in an embittered eye, yet in all reasonableness, the disparity puts ladies as progressively better than their male partners.

The regard Saudi men have for a female is reflected by the manner in which they treat all ladies openly puts, I have never observed ladies holding up in lines alongside men in shopping centers, banks or some other spot since men in Saudi Arabia treat ladies with so much regard that once you leave the nation and travel somewhere else it gravely harms you to see ladies being slighted by men somewhere else, that ladies are not given need in broad daylight spaces.

To summarize it, I might want to express that I have been honored to be brought up in a nation like this. I like genuineness and originality of its people and their way of life. The blend of conventions and innovation and trend-setting innovation. It searches for me like an Islamic modern state, similar to the new universe of the Muslim World. It is the intersection of Muslim societies and countries. I had exceptionally astounding encounters and the best recollections in the realm of Saudi Arabia. I will prescribe you individuals to must visit it once to know the genuine reality under the watchful eye of you and don’t judge it is depending on ridiculous news and web social media.

Mehak Ejaz

Mehak Ejaz, a mass communication student, is pursuing her master’s degree in development journalist from the Institute of Communication Studies of the Punjab University in Lahore.

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