Labourers should not be left naked before corona, Imran Khan to labourer organisation’s summit

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday addressed an online summit organised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on coronavirus and stressed upon the need to support and uplift the labour class around the globe.

According to the details, while addressing the summit, the prime minister said that almost everybody across the world had been affected by the COVID-19 but labourers and daily wagers had been hit the most due to the deadly virus on the one hand and the loss of jobs due to lock-down on the other hand.

He also said that talking about the poor labour class and planning some support for them should be the actual purpose of the summit and this thing makes this summit more important in the eyes of the world.

He further said that all the countries should unite at this difficult time and devise some joint strategy to handle the implications of the coronavirus pandemic and to make it easy especially for the labourers to go through this phase unharmed.

He also quoted the efforts of his government to deal with the pandemic and said that Pakistan was facing two parallel threats; one was coronavirus itself while the other one was the danger of hunger that could have been more fatal than any disease.

He said that the government of Pakistan asked the registered organisations not to fire their employees and in return, we offered those organisations loans and other financial benefits.

He added that the government introduced Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme through which the government distributed Rs 12,000 among the unregistered and informal labourers and their families.

He informed the summit that it never happened in the history of Pakistan that such a big amount was distributed among the masses in such a short time and also in such a transparent way.

He said that the distribution of money among the poor class did not let Pakistan and its people face any untoward situation and the country remained safe from the worst aspects of the pandemic.

He also said that everybody is blank about the end of the coronavirus pandemic and nobody knows that when the world will be free from this deadly virus.

He said that all of us are hoping and praying for some vaccine for this virus but until any vaccine comes out, it absolutely uncertain to tell that when this pandemic will end.

He said that the majority of labourers are associated with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and these enterprises had been affected the most by the coronavirus so the participants of the summit should generate some idea to solve their issues.

He also talked about the overseas labourers and said that a joint strategy should be evolved to ask the countries to show sympathy towards the labourers who are working there.

In the end, he said that Pakistan would keep on updating the world about its situation and would love to know about the situation in other countries.

He added that the exchange of ideas and a joint strategy would definitely lead the world to some permanent solution to the coronavirus pandemic.

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