Impact of online learning on students’ performance

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It is a good approach to engage students in pure educational activities
It is a good approach to engage students in pure educational activities

Since the COVID-19 pandemics, Pakistan’s mainstream universities have started online classes for students in different areas. Initially, it seems that the online classes are a good source to carry on education by taking the classes at home. However, it is a good approach to engage students in pure educational activities and allow them to make sure of their assignments, and other assessments. Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission already issued instructions to the universities to conduct online classes which can be effective and easy to connect within the home environment as other professionals are also working from their houses.

The online classes enable students to learn more as compared to traditional courses. We must remember that not only Pakistan is conducting these online classes but other countries are also initiated online courses on different topics. Nowadays, the online classes are becoming a routine as per the national and international health situation. In my opinion, it is an engagement puzzle. There is an advantage of the online classes that can be taken anywhere whether you are in your hometown or anywhere around the world, without consuming time and money in traveling. There are different sources to conduct these online classes such as Zoom, Skype, IM video, Slide Sharing, and etc.

In online classroom, all students can ask questions in writing and verbally.
In the online classroom, all students can ask questions in writing and verbally.

We must remember that each source has different limitations. The online classes can be used as e-learning and it is considered as a greener option for the education system whereas different students are participating, taking and enhancing their knowledge and skills in the specific field. The e-learning or the online classes are not the modern words, it has been using such as different universities offering distance learning programme which is completely based on e-learning wherein students are able to enroll in different subjects. Globally, the students are participating in seminars and workshops online and even asking questions from experts.

We can see that e-learning is a proactive approach of the year 2020, especially in the current lockdown situation. In the future, it will become easier as it is more convenient and interactive to concentrate on career development and help to improve technical skills with familiarities with modern technology. The best thing is that e-learning is based on work from home and this concept is now a valuable word nowadays. During the online classes, the students are participating in discussions with their class-fellows and this process helps to communicate with their teachers through email and different networking tools. Those students, who couldn’t ask questions within the classroom due to shyness, are able to ask questions without any fear i.e. in writing or verbal.

We can see that different universities have an online portal and they are updating their data, attendance and student progress reports which are based on certain criteria set by the university management, according to guidelines. Also, WhatsApp groups are primary sources to connect all the class at one platform and sharing notes and other transferable files. It is the era of communication and no-communication is the biggest barrier in today’s world. It is pertinent to mention here that the online classes can be attended anytime and anywhere but there should be the accessibility of the internet. In this technology era, teachers and supervisors are actively participating in the online classroom and also some of them have set the protocols and guidelines for the online classes which are highly appreciated.

Currently, we are observing that the economy and technology are connected with each other and playing a key role in all societies. Through technology, students are able to take online classes. In addition, few challenges can’t be ignored and the biggest challenge is self-motivation. Because all the students have to be motivated in terms to get knowledge and good information online. Also, time management is so important, as few teachers and students couldn’t come online timely due to some constraints. We need to provide guidelines and set protocols to conduct online classes smoothly.

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