Humanity Clicks exhibition opened at National Art Gallery in Islamabad

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Humanity Clicks exhibition opened at National Art Gallery in Islamabad

International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) launched a photo exhibition at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) in Islamabad to showcase its journey in Pakistan.

A week-long exhibition titled Humanity Clicks would continue till December 15. The exhibition is a showcase of the humanitarian response during the partition, emergencies, and disasters including earthquake and super floods, to the present-day work of the committee that focuses on enabling local agility through partnerships for sustainable humanitarian action.

Speaking on the occasion, ICRC delegation head Dragana Kojic said that the Humanity Clicks was a story of the committee’s strong association with the people of Pakistan, not only during emergencies and disasters of the past but of the present-day credible partnerships that “we had fostered for a more sustainable and context-rooted approach to humanitarian action.”

The exhibition also celebrates the strength of the partnerships with the Pakistan Red Crescent Society and other local partners in healthcare, physical rehabilitation, academia, judiciary, media, forensics and restoring family links. In the last week of November, the International Committee of Red Cross also organized the Humanity Clicks exhibition at e Islamia College in Peshawar to commemorate a strong partnership with Pakistan.

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