CMACED has launched “Her Karobaar” Entrepreneurial Program for Girls

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HER KAROBAR has been launched on 10th September 2020. It’s an open forum to discuss the objectives and goals of the women entrepreneurship programs initiated by CMACED. It’s kind of a Table Talk in which they will try to find the best solutions for some questions like what are the dreams of women in the 21st century, how will they contribute to society, and how to deal with the challenges. Can an Educational Institute play any role in women’s success?

This program is for aspiring Women entrepreneurs with a basic understanding of business.


It can help them to come up with new ideas regarding entrepreneurship. This women entrepreneurship Program contains all the details of the course which includes; how to mentor, how to support, and how to equip women nowadays with certain important sets of skills and know-how to become successful future entrepreneurs. Therefore, this course can benefit women from any socioeconomic backgrounds. The reason behind this is course advises girls to nurtures unconventional skills and talents and to think outside the box. In addition, it also creates opportunities, making sure social justice stimulates the economy and instills confidence. The women entrepreneurship program contains a curriculum program of interactive training that helps girls to become entrepreneurs and make them become success stories.

The esteemed and industrious women entrepreneurs were invited for this innovative Table Talk which included Ayesha Zaman Hammad (Founder and CEO SkillsTodo and BazarCentre), Nida Jaffery (CEO Nashtay Walay), Rafia Ilyas (CEO Tangent Square), Sabahat Bukhari (Director HR Brtish Council), Farah Arif (CEO & founder Edtech work), Amna Shahid (Creative Director, GIYA), Huma Ejaz (Swan consultancy private limited), Masooma Zubairi (CEO M Z Production & Photography), Maryam Nisar (Regional Director Jazz), Sabrina Omer (CEO & founder Sabrina’s craft bag), Saba kalsoom (Outreach and community manager-founding team member Aiyin, Pookidevs Technologies).

This productive table talk indicates that female entrepreneurs are needed to be a part of the mainstream of economic development. Women entrepreneurship is seen as an effective strategy for the socio-economic uplift of Pakistan.

Nevertheless, we want to bring forward entrepreneurial mindsets and polish them to be great and successful entrepreneurs of the future. This program is designed for girls aged 18 to 30. Our mission is to make Pakistan economically and socially secure with the help of entrepreneurial Bootcamp. Women are the asset of our country and the hope to make Pakistan economically strong.

Let’s conquer yourself to conquer the world

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