Electronic media told not to sensationalise corona

 Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Wednesday again advised electronic media to curtail fear syndrome among the masses while covering news related to coronavirus and avoid reporting from hospitals, isolation wards and quarantine centres.

In an advice issued, the PEMRA asked news channels to promote optimism among the masses to fight this catastrophe with perseverance and discipline.

The advice also asked the media to avoid creating hype and sensationalism by covering the patients affected by coronavirus and undergoing treatment, rather invest their energies and resources in mobilising the whole nation for prevention and necessary measures to curb this menace. Besides the efforts, made by the federal and provincial governments, state institutions as well as researchers round the globe, may also be highlighted in order to generate hope among the viewers.

The PEMRA appreciated the media for performing their national obligation with utmost zeal and dedicating their precious airtime for creating awareness as well as preventive steps required to combat the menace of pandemic hitting the country.

The advice said that the authority has sensitised all the license holders to telecast information in objective manner without creating chaos or panic.

Ironically, it has been noticed that a segment of media personnel are reporting from the hospitals, isolation wards and quarantines and showing patients under treatment or fighting with coronavirus.

This sort of reporting is unequivocally creating unnecessary fear syndrome among the viewers which may lead to panic and chaos.

Moreover, reporting from isolation wards and quarantines is extremely hazardous and reporters and cameramen, rather the entire media team is prone to contract infection.

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