How can electric supply firms improve performance?

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Lahore Electric Supply Company(LESCO) is facing some of the key problems in its quality management system as it has no concentration with consumers to settle down general issues. As per the information, the computer systems were introduced in the company in 2000, but the same old system is still in its practice. Even if the power supply company had introduced some ‘updated forms’ of computer systems, but still lacked good planning.

One of the basic steps towards quality management is having satisfied consumers, which LESCO is far behind. In recent times, home appliances have been damaged due to fluctuating voltage problems. Who will be responsible for the losses? There were repeated complaints regarding this issue from consumers but no response from the responsible institution or its officials. In Lahore’s Ichra area, a 200kv transformer provides electricity to 200 houses with low voltages below the standard.

There are also issues regarding the distribution of bills, as bills are delivered to the consumers after the due date, so people are left with paying bills with fines. There was no such complaint software installed on LESCO’s official website. All this website was showing a couple of complaint numbers, if the solution isn’t solved then visit a couple of addresses and file bill-related complaints on addresses of NEPRA. Since 2011, no operational audit has been conducted.

LESCO should pave its way towards getting its systems in order rather than remaining in the past management systems and old concepts. LESCO staff and executives should be educated on the importance of quality. The company must consider the importance and satisfaction of the consumers as its first priority. In order to tackle the inadequate system of bills distribution, LESCO can introduce an SMS-based system that can help with the bill distribution problem. At the end of the month, SMS alerts can be sent to consumers’ mobile phones as a reminder.

LESCO already has records of customers through online payments, helpline centers, so they can just introduce the SMS-based bill distribution or reminder system which will also help the company without the involvement of the private sector. The company should improve its official website as well as introduce an official social media presence, such as adding a complaint registration software.

If you search a complaint online by LESCO, it provides a link that takes you to CCMS (customer complaint management system) but the company should at least provide its complaint link on its official website. So if anyone goes on its website he/she should find its way to the complaint management system. Furthermore, it’s better if LESCO itself has a complaint system built-in for better results. LESCO is responsible for power distribution in five districts such as Lahore, Kasur, Okara, Sheikhupura, and Nankana.

Saad Waseem Bhatti is a student of the Department of Business at the Forman Christian College University, Lahore

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