Doing western fashion in a Desi way

Doing western fashion in a Desi way

by Maria Gul Laraib

Gone are those times when girls only used to stick with the eastern wear usually the varied designs of our national dress; shalwar kameez.

The national brands like Tee jay’s etc were the only one which used to churn out the latest ready to wear dresses in limited designs for the particular class and, the university going girls of that time used to admire those outfits as they were, without offering their own critique view about them.

But with the frequent exposure to media and due to the easy availability of multiple branded outfits in the market, the 21st-century university going and working women have developed their own aesthetic sense and can choose the best outfit for themselves out of many!!

Claiming that today’s top fashion bohemians simply infuse some particular trend in the public during the fashion shows and the promotional campaigns of their brand would not justify the current situation!

The truth is, that the matured aesthetic sense of today’s young blood actively participates not only in adopting the on green trend but, they choose the ‘best out of best styles’ in attires and demand the fashion designers to churn out more diverse designs accordingly.

Keeping in view the change in the outfit preferences and increasing demands of Pakistanis, the top trendsetter brands like HSY, Big, Maria B, and Zoonia Anwar western wear collections are doing really well to set up a huge market for the western ready to wear outfits.

HSY; the most authentic brand in fashion designing industry states:

“Yes, our customers do expect the best from us and sometimes it is a little difficult to come up to their diverse expectations. So what we have done is, every season we prepare an immense variety of ready to wear outfits for our local customers of the different physique, complexion and every one of them belonging to different social classes, lifestyles, and cultural background within Pakistan.”

However, the most amazing thing in our fashion industry is that our fashion mavericks, during the past few years have come up with an ever new fashion genre; “western attires with a blend of desi tarka.”

This spectacular genre has not only taken away the hearts of our ‘desi kuris’ but have also been successful in attracting the lady gaga’s of the west during the Pakistani fashion shows in Paris, London and New York conducted by PFDC.

Western dresses like Plazzo pants with traditional batik, ikat prints, and Kashmiri karhae over them are a demonstration of the changing tides in Pakistan where not only girls but aunti’s also do carry them with long shirts tailored by funky motif and sitara work.

Lean girls in universities present a perfect example of fusion wear by carrying baggy shirts with flared Kashmiri Shalwars or, jeans and top along with little eastern ‘cotis’ adorned with the mesmerizing appliqués, ‘chamkela gota’ or bold button work over them. Moreover, Tights with Kashmiri karhae embellished shirts carried by little dopttas of Sindhi Ajrak are the trendiest ‘amalgamated’ fashion statement of this fall season.

Nowadays, local and multinational brands like Big, Generation, Ego, etc have locally prepared and given way to spectacular fashion statements with ‘Aladdin’ like loose harem pants that can be worn with loads of ‘kalian tailored’ frocks. Even some of the Pakistani designers especially HSY have come up with chiffon or other fine fabric made harem pants that can be carried with knee-length shirts with light ‘dapka’ embellishments over them.

Not only this, but our local fashion mavericks have also struggled to fuse the color ranges trademarks of different regions. Like cool pastel and pure punk shades of the west are fused with the basic colors like red, gulabi, grass green, orange, purple, etc while evolving this ‘new age fashion genre.

In short, we are blessed to have a diverse range of western wear with desi Tarka at our doorstep being locally prepared in our country. So, be confident to carry a kind of looks that people can’t resist you calling a ‘Swan of West but, with a Grace of East’!!

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