Complete and strict lock-down …. that’s it: Doctors

Pakistani Doctors
A group of doctors in a press conference in Karachi on Wednesday

Karachi: A group of elite doctors across Pakistan has asked the government to go for a strict lock-down in the country.

According to the details, a group of doctors from Pakistan Medical Association, in a press conference in Karachi on Wednesday, asked the government to impose strict lock-down in the country as the cases of coronavirus were increasing speedily.

Dr. Abdul Bari said, “the cases were not high in number during the lock-down but after the government has relaxed the lock-down there is a reasonable increase in the cases of coronavirus.”

Dr. Saad Niaz said “though coronavirus has social, economic and other implications it is primarily a medical issue. From April 16 to April 21, an increase of almost 40% has been reported across Pakistan that is too much. There is a general perception out there that coronavirus doesn’t exist in Pakistan or we have got a strong immunity that is why we are not in danger; that is absolutely wrong. So far, we are not badly affected by a coronavirus and all the coronavirus facilities are already filled up.

He further said that the situation will be uncontrollable if a strict lock-down is not imposed immediately. He also said that medical and technical support is not enough in the country and the worst thing is that the doctors were being affected by the virus. In short, the severity of the situation is much more than its general perception among the masses. I don’t know how many people have died due to coronavirus in the country in the last one month but those who died due to coronavirus are 200 according to the government sources. The one and only solution to this pandemic are complete and strict lock-down.”

Dr. Atif Hafeez Siddiqui said that young and senior doctors were putting their lives in danger due to coronavirus patients. Doctors are falling prey to the virus because of the lack of facilities. He put the following demands in front of the government:

  • Strict enforcement of the lock-down and prevention of congregation of all types to contain the pandemic.
  • The public at large would have to cooperate. They should come out.
  • The business community would have to understand and keep their shops closed.
  • The charitable organizations must try to provide everybody with food and other entities.
  • The government should ensure social distancing at utility stores and religious places.
  • Religious scholars from all sects to please understand that saving a life is important in the epidemic.

Pakistan Medical Association Secretary-General Dr. Sajjad said that all the doctors were worried about the current situation. He made it clear to everybody that there was no space in the hospitals for further cases. He said that the government’s decision to relax the lock-down after consultations with the religious scholars was absolutely wrong. It was more like playing with the lives of the people, he added. He said the government should behave like a government and reverse the decision to relax the lock-down. He said that the next four weeks would be crucial and there was no way but a strict lock-down.

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