COVID-19 has both negative and positive impacts

COVID-19 has both negative and positive impacts

by Muhammad Azam Nagra

Muhammad Azam Nagra
Muhammad Azam Nagra

Every individual of the world has been familiar with the word COVID-19. The catastrophe of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every class of the world without any distinction. People are perishing day by day in every part of the world due to COVID-19 pandemic but It’s a universal law, everything has both positive and negative impacts so COVID-19 pandemic has also both Negative and positive impacts.

The first major negative impact of the COVID-19 is that COVID-19 has started the unstopped chain of deaths and still not any vaccination has been discovered for the stopping of this chain. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom said.

” We knew about COVID-19 spreads fast and that it is deadly, 10 times deadlier than the 2009 flu pandemic.”

In America, above 90 thousand people have been died due to COVID-19. Thousands of people have been died in France, Italy, Germany, and many other countries in the world by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The second major negative impact of COVID-19 is that it has devasted the world’s economy entirely. Boat of the world’s economy which covering the distance of the progress speedily now has been trembled by the COVID-19. According to the IMF, the economy of the developed countries will shrink by Six percent while the economy of the developing countries will shrink by one percent due to COVID-19. Pakistan is also among those countries whose economy has affected badly. According to the sources of the IMF, Pakistan’s economy may drop out by 1.5% in this fiscal year. These figures about the world and the Pakistani’s economy show that the Economy of every country has been immersed.

Thirdly, COVID-19 has increased the pain of the Labour class by an extreme level. According to the IMF report, about 2.7 billion workers will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and these workers represent around 81 percent of the world’s workforce and in Pakistan, according to the planning and development ministry, About 18 million workers maybe lose their jobs due to COVID-19 pandemic. These figures are giving incentives to the labor class for the preparation of incoming threats in which they will have to fight with COVID-19 with an empty stomach.

Besides this, COVID-19 has failed the system of education extremely. The industry of tourism which is emerging day by day in the world and Pakistan also, have been destroyed completely. The hunger of the world has been increased by an extreme level. According to the world bank estimates, COVID-19 is likely to cause the first increase in global poverty since 1998. According to the U.N, 2.5 trillion will be needed to help developing countries escape poverty. In short, almost every part of society has been affected due to COVID 19 pandemic.
COVID-19 has also positive impacts, which mostly do not know. Before the COVID-19, the atmosphere of the world has been polluted by the intense level. Many people, mostly in China, India, and Pakistan had been died due to the Polluted atmosphere. Fresh and healthy air have been confined only in the villages. Megacities like Beijing, Delhi, and Lahore, Fresh and healthy air were very precious like gold but due to COVID-19 all things including traffic and industry have been lockdown and due to the Lockdown atmosphere of the world have been poured and saved. Now People of Megacities can inhale fresh and healthy air.

Secondly, water in the world had been polluted at this level, fishes in the river and the sea are surviving very difficult. Fishes in the Venice water cannot roam but due to lockdown, fishes are once again roaming in the water of Venice and besides this due to lockdown, rear leatherback turtles, that bid farewell to Thailand’s beeches long ago, have returned to take sunbath, millions of turtles have laid eggs on Indian seashore after almost a decade. This is the major positive impact of COVID-19 on the environment.

Besides this, COVID-19 has reduced the pace of tussle between Saudi Arabia and Iran which had become the major threat for Peace in the middle east. COVID-19 has also taught us, we should have clean our hands and body for every time and we should eat healthy Food which can strengthen our body defense system so that our body could fight with harmful viruses easily.

In the end, I will say only one thing to all, although negative impacts of the COVID-19 much more as compared to positive impacts but COVID-19 has given us a time in which we can think that which things are necessary for our life and society which things are not essential and these things we will have to eradicate from our life and society for the better and secure future.

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