Living in Dubai; Easy or Hard All Depend On Someone’s Pocket

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Living in Dubai Easy or Hard All Depend On Someone’s Pocket

The United Arab Emirates consist of seven states or cites and Dubai is one of them, others are Abu Dhabi (Capital), Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, and Umm al Quwain though there is another city named Al Ain it is considered the part of Abu Dhabi. Anyway, like other developed and cosmopolitan cities, Dubai is such a wonderful and vibrant city that accepts and welcomes all the nationalities and all kinds of people from all corners of the globe without any discrimination. The city always receives tourists with open arms throughout the year and as per an official record, more than 16.73 million tourists visited Dubai in 2019 and all because of its business-friendly and tax-free environment that make the city more attractive to investors and that’s why you will find more than 200 nationalities in this small but vibrant city.

According to the latest survey, the current population of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) around 10 million, and more than 88% of residents come from other countries and Pakistanis are 12.69% of it and those are 1.211 million in numbers. Dubai could be anyone’s dream move as long as he/she respects the laws of the city. People across the world would love to live here and prefer Dubai as their second home because of its fair system of justice, vigilant security that formulates the city safest-city in the world, sandy and hot beaches, shiny low-rise and high-rise buildings, man-made islands, captivating dunes in golden deserts, gigantic shopping malls that offer all kind of international brands, night clubs and bars and much more. Though the fascinating and alluring life of Dubai attracts most of the people not everyone can afford to enjoy the fruits of its beauty because of its expensiveness. Some say living in Dubai is not wonderful and glamorous while others have the opinion that anyone can get pleasure from the sparkling and bubbly life of the city but all depend on what kind of lifestyle he/she wants to live or someone’s financial situation.

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On the other hand, living in Dubai is a wonderful experience like no other city provides such opportunities that convert one’s normal life into luxurious life that’s why you can find here multiplicity in people’s lifestyles. Although Dubai is a Muslim city people belonging to all other religions live and practice their religion freely. In fact, everything you would find here gorgeous and stunning, starting from man-made islands to the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa and here are a few some attractions that someone must visit if he/she is planning to come to Dubai and these are as follows;

  • Man-made Islands Palm Jumeirah, Plam Deira, and Palm Jabel Ali (the first one is ready while the other two are under construction)
  • Mall of Emirates, Ibn-e-Batuta Mall, Deira City Center, Nakheel Mall, Marina Mall, etc.
  • Burj-al-Arb and Jumeirah Open Beaches
  • Atlantis Hotel and Wild Wadi
  • Burj Khalifa and Mall of Dubai side by side attract tourists because of a lot of attractions can be witnessed over there
  • Miracle Gardens, Global Village, and Dubai Bollywood Parks
  • There are few communities that are also very attractive for tourists i.e Dubai Marina, Dubai Hills, JBR and Falcon City, etc.
  • Gold Souq and Madinat Jumeirah and last but not least Desert Safari

Dubai skyline reflection at amazing night, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Whilst the attractions in Dubai are endlessly enjoyable but the other emirates of the UAE also have their unique charms and are worth exploring especially Capital Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, few most appealing attractions are as a fellow;

In Abu Dhabi

  • Grand Abu Dhabi Mosque
  • Yas Island and Mall and Water World. Al Wahda Mall, Dalma Mall, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, etc.
  • Warner Bros. World and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi and Emirates Park Zoo
  • Emirates Place and Jabel-e-Afeet Al Ain

tourist place in Dubai Dubai

In other states you can enjoy at these places;

  • Sharjah Musem of Islamic Civilization and Art Museum
  • Sharjah Fort, Central Market, Al Noor Island, Kalba, Khor Fakkan
  • Ajman Museum and Umm Al-Quwain Fort and Museum
  • Al-Bidyah Mosque and Hajar Mountain Wadis
  • Jebel Jais and Jebel Jais Flight Zipline
  • Iceland Water Park

Place in Dubai, UAE Place in dubaitourist Place in UAE

Like any other urban city, Dubai has its own advantages and disadvantages that make this city a real and genuine one. Undoubtedly it is the place where someone can enjoy luxury life and doing business without restrictions, however, the way of life here a bit differs from the one in other countries. Hence whoever is scheduling to come here should keep in mind the cultural specifics of the UAE in general and Dubai in particular.

Pros and Cons of Living in Dubai:    

  1. Multi-Cultural community; as people from different cultural backgrounds live here so If you are a social animal and looking for someone like you then this is the place where you will find them.
  2. Religious harmony can be observed here although Dubai is a Muslim city it allows everyone to practice their religious activities freely.
  3. A tax-free country that provides opportunities to investors and residents without charging any taxes. Just, in 2018, the government introduced 5% VAT for the first time and that’s too low as compare to other countries.
  4. More liberal than other cites because Dubai is quite open-minded when it comes to smoking or drinking. You can find licensed bars, clubs, and restaurants to drink in most parts of the city.
  5. Safest and Secure: According to the latest survey the level of crime in the UAE is very low as compare to the other parts of the globe
  6. Expensive Healthcare: If you don’t have health insurance from your company then there is a chance that you will become a victim of hefty medical bills if you got sick.
  7. Strict laws that could throw someone in prison for gossiping, swearing, raising money for charity without a license, or taking photos of people without their permission, etc.
  8. Openly involved in sexual activities are not allowed, even the couple cannot be engaged in indecent activities at public places.
  9. If you’re a woman then that comes with conditions. There’s no need to wear a hijab, but make sure to cover your shoulders, knees, and neckline in public space except beaches.
  10. Living in Dubai is not cheap but obviously, it depends on the very lifestyle that you are living in and the number of family members you have.
  11. Basic necessities of life: Everyone lives here a peaceful life with no load shedding or any other problem, public infrastructure is remarkably good and public transport can be found every nook and corner.
  12. Here is no security of the job because you will be asked to leave the country all of sudden if you have any issues with your local sponsor.
  13. Variety of food: Dubai has a lot of restaurants offering hard-core Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Italian food, etc rather you can taste almost all kinds of famous cuisine of this globe.
  14. The government blocks all web sites that it deems “offensive” to the “religious, moral, and cultural values” of the UAE.
  15. Hot weather can be observed throughout the year with a high rate of humidity.

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