CMACED brings “CHALK TALK”: A series of entrepreneurial dialogues

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by Tabinda Usman

CMACED Chaudary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development is a place of facilitating students with the latest tools and technology to flourish their entrepreneurial ideas into reality. CMACED brings industry leaders together on the same platform in the form of “CHALK TALK” to share their ideas in terms of coping up with the current pandemic of Coronavirus. This series of dialogues help the participants come up with the queries they have regarding business sustainability these days, what kind of help hybrid marketing can provide them for the survival presently and how the efficacy of schools or educational institutes can be maintained while staying safe at home. I believe all the topics are vast and complicated at the same time but CMACED tried to come up with the idea to tie the knot among industry leaders to come up with the solutions they possibly can. Well, no one can have a 100% solution presently. Therefore, all we can do is join hands together to help each other while staying in our on zones. This is what technology can do for us.

“CHALK TALK” was a series of entrepreneurial dialogues. It consisted of three sessions with different guest panelists and moderators as well. The individuals from industry and academia joined our session and participated with productive questions for the growth of the industry in this tough situation of COVID -19. The first session was all about “Corona Pandemic and Business sustainability”.

The panelists Massarat Misbah and Shaista Pervaiz will answer the questions humbly and in deep detail to help the individuals. They also appreciated the efforts of CMACED to build such a strong social and economic impact. It was a successful session with respect to attaining knowledge from the success stories of our panelists. They played a healthy role in being role models for the participants and motivated them to work harder to confront a current tough situation.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

— Winston S. Churchill

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The second session of “CHALK TALK” was about “Corona Pandemic and Hybrid Marketing Strategies”.  The panelists for this session were Dr. Yousaf Siddiqui, Farhad Karamally, and Adeil Derveish. It was a healthy discussion session; all the panelists share their ideas and concerns regarding the corona pandemic and linking up with the hybrid marketing techniques. They have discussed that in the current scenario it is very important to apply such strategies for a business to grow. Day to day normal activities for any business is not possible presently. Hence, it is really important to understand the concepts of promotional approaches which can help to connect the digital marketing for a business with its traditional marketing approaches. Therefore, a merger of both can help to create a very effective and adequate outreach plan.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.

— Chris Grosser

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The third session of “CHALK TALK” was about “Corona Pandemic and Schools Efficacy to Step into Digital Age”.  The panelists for this session were Sabahat Bokhari, Attia Zeb, and Margo Abdel Aziz. They have discussed how the efficiency of academics can be maintained in this serious and tough time of Coronavirus. They have shared ideas to bring the higher authorities, managerial level individuals, and executives on the same platform to take their views of coping up with the pandemic educate them to work with the scenario as a whole as a team.

Well, this type of event I believe can be really helpful to confront the present situation. If we are not able to join hands together in terms of technology right now then we might lack in the race of life. Therefore, the consequences can be a much harder scenario and so comes with life altogether.

Chalk Talk

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