Can you hear your nails calling for help?

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Can you hear your nails calling for help

by Keziah Leena Peters

Ever wondered why, your nails tend to break once reached a particular length, one way or the other? You should ask yourself, are you taking care of your nail?

Take a good look at your nails; are they strong and healthy-looking? Or do you see dents and areas of unusual shape and discoloration?

If you have strong and healthy nails then you are in luck, because for the women of the 21st century, living without nail colors and acrylic enhancements just aren’t possible. Excessive and prolonged use of gel polish and enhancements can result in nail damage.

If you are a nail art junkie, make sure you read this article and start caring for your nails asap (as soon as possible)

To fix the damage done, and to keep your nails looking best, you should take the following measures.

  • Keep your nails moisturized, while applying lotion to your hands; also rub some on your nails and cuticles. Moisturize your nails several times a day and before going to bed. Wear cotton gloves to lock the moisture in, if possible.
  • Go for manicures, regularly. Manicures not only make your hands look beautiful and smooth but are also good for the nails.
  • If you see some damage on your nails which does not seem to go away on its own, contact a doctor before it gets worst.
  • Do not use expensive nail removers, especially of the brands that contain acetone.
  • Take a break from all the nail products and let your nails breath (as in relax, nails do not breath, it’s a myth that they do) if you will not remove all the nail products once in a while then your nails can get a yellowish stain from polish pigment.
  • Leave your nails natural and treat them with cuticle oil. It is a great way to help your nails stay pink and healthy.
  • Avoid biting your nails. Biting nails can make them brittle and porn to breakage.
  • Put on a pair of gloves while cleaning the house and washing the dishes. If you don’t, the harmful chemicals used in cleaners can dry out your nails and cause them to crack and split.
  • Keep your nails dry, clean, and moisturized, this will help prevent bacteria and fungus from growing underneath your fingernails as well as toenails.
  • Do not use your nails as tools. If you want to escape, injury, splitting, and breaking avoids using them to pick, poke, or scrap.
  • Soak your fingernails in lemon juice for five mints, at least twice a week. This will strengthen them.
  • Do not cut your cuticles; cutting them is parallel to opening the door for infections. Instead, soak your fingernails in sudsy water for five mints and gently push back your cuticles with the help of a washcloth or a wooden orange stick.

Take good care of your nails and you will be able to bring out the best in them.

Nowadays nail art is getting very common in Pakistan. Every other person we know, regardless if they are from our workplace or universities will not miss the chance to art their nails. Admit it, us girls, we love pretty colors and the right color combination can make our day!

Here are some quick nail art designs you can wear to your workplace or universities, and the best part is, you won’t have to pay a pile of money to get the job done. You can do it all by yourself even if you do not have the right tools. Just a sponge, toothpick, and earbud will do!

Candy bar

Things you will need – red and white nail polish, a scotch tape, and a topcoat is also known as a fixer.

  • Make sure your nails are super clean before you get started. Apply the red nail polish to your nails. Let it dry.
  • Take a scotch tape, cut it in thin strips, and paste those stripes horizontally on your nails with equal intervals.
  • Apply a white nail color on the entire nail over the scotch tape and wait for it to dry.
  • Pull of the tapes, when the nail color is completely dry.
  • Apply a top coat and voila!

Black and red color blend

Things you will need: – a sponge, red and black nail color and a Topcoat

  • Apply red nail color to your nails, leave it to dry.
  • Pour out some of the black nail colors on a cardboard sheet. Dab the sponge on the nail color and then on your nails. Only dab on your nail tips. Darker on the tips and a little lighter on the inside.
  • Apply a top coat to your nail art and you are done!


Things you will need – white, red and green nail color, a wooden toothpick, an earbud, and a topcoat.

  • Apply white nail color to your nails. Let it dry.
  • Keep poking the earbud on a table or a firm surface until the tip forms a flat round shape.
  • Take out a little bit of red nail color. Poke the earbud extremely gently on the polish (make sure no bubbles are formed) and make two round cherries together on just the ring figure nail of yours.
  • Take out some of the green now, with the help of a toothpick, draw an upside-down V on the top of the cherries to form a stem. Draw it in a little slant, as if the V is drunk.
  • Make two small circles in the red cherries with the help of an earbud, but make sure you don’t press too hard or it will ruin your cherries.
  • Apply a top coat after the nail color is dry, and there you have it!

Coloring your nails is a great hobby but do not forget to take care of your nails, they need attention too!!

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