Need to break down patriarchy

By Hiba Hussain Society is taking women’s choices away in almost every aspect of life. Women are judged on different scales as compared to men. We live in a society that has not gotten rid of the patriarchal system even in the

Is the world heading towards social isolation?

By Asma Razaq I was looking at my fancy black dress in a dismal mood, ‘how much keen I am to wear this dress at my friend’s wedding that has been cancelled due to the prevailing coronavirus strain. How happy my friend

A knife on the throat

By Mahrukh Aftab A week ago, my father and I had planned to visit a close relative, someone who happened to be going through rough times. I hardly ever saw her complaining about her problems, but when she did, it looked as

Amanullah as king of his art

By Hamza Rehman I sincerely respect artists, poets, and writers because of the fact that they bring so much to the society. Their only medium of working is thought process and observation. Their words matter alot to the common man because not

Do more to protect women

By Wilma van der Maten Yes, I’m a white woman, born in the west. Privileged not by my skin colour or culture. Privileged by the way my father has raised me. A simple man from the village, born during the war, a

A march for rights; against patriarchy

By Atiqa Shahid Women are marching for their rights today on March 8 against the patriarchal structures of the society. We may know all that patriarchy is a social system that oppresses women from all walks of life. We can observe that

Why Mera Jism Meri Marzi?

By Syed Irfan Mehdi As a student of the Gender Studies, I would like to share some statistics on violence against the female gender, particularly against the women hailing from the South Asian region. In this region, if a woman accuses a

Is Mera Jism Meri Marzi condemnable?

By Asma Razaq How can an ‘educated’ person even use an abusive language for a woman in a live talk show…? This is likewise other questions that are still haunting my mind. For the last two days, I am really unable to

Aurat March and shaken KRQs

By Hiba Hussain Aurat March – these two words have shaken some males in our society more than anything else ever has. Last year, the Aurat March took placed on March 8 and it invoked thousands of controversies. The march received immeasurable

Is sexuality a choice?

By Hiba Hussain Gender inclinations and sexual orientation depend on gender identity which is embedded into an individual at the time of birth. When something comes naturally, it cannot be a choice. Sexuality might be one of those topics which are not