Doing western fashion in a Desi way

by Maria Gul Laraib Gone are those times when girls only used to stick with the eastern wear usually the varied designs of our national dress; shalwar kameez. The national brands like Tee jay’s etc were the only one which used to

TikTok users in Pakistan

Social media is one of the puissant media in the current era. According to Jess Cohen who is the social media manager in jump 450 media” social media is powerful, It has the capability to influence elections, ignite change, create celebrities, incite


Islam on physical fitness

by Hafiz Zubair Islam is undoubtedly a complete and perfect religion as it guides us in each and every aspect of life. It is also believed that Islam has a solution to each and every problem that we face in our lives.

Life in Saudi Arabia and wells of memories

Being born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and having lived and gone through most of my time there I am enamored with explorer, with places going from the territory of Asir to the area of Makkah and practically all the urban areas

Private hospitals mafia and private laboratories

In around the world, when any challenging situation comes on the nation, people of the nation face a challenging situation with iron hands. If any global calamity comes on the nations, people of the nations handle the calamity by global planning. People

Forced conversions & marriages soar in Pakistan

Forced conversion and forced marriages are continued to surface in the country. The argument has started from the Rinkle Kumari case which was highlighted nationally and internationally and then suo moto action was taken but there was no conclusion and end-result whereas


Corona: A business of fear

By Hamza Rehman It’s an undeniable fact that Corona is present in the world and is not about to leave soon. Rather than taking proper cure against this pandemic, we ourselves have taken it to another level. We might have understood it

High divorce rate: who is to be blamed?

By Maria Gul Laraib Marriage is one of the most beautiful and pleasurable relationships in life. It is the only relationship that is not an ascribed one, but you develop it at some stage of your adulthood which is destined to make

COVID-19 has both negative and positive impacts

by Muhammad Azam Nagra Every individual of the world has been familiar with the word COVID-19. The catastrophe of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every class of the world without any distinction. People are perishing day by day in every part of

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