What is Esports? Scope of the Esports in Pakistan

by Saad Khan According to the Cambridge dictionary “Esports means the activity of playing computer games against other people on the internet often for money and often watched by other people using the internet, someti mes at the special event Around the

Setting the youth on fire

By Mahrukh Aftab The undeniable radiance that we possess, forcing you into sending us off to the front line with our mouth taped, begging us not to utter a word of truth. The youth is what made Iqbal’s faith stronger for a

Depression is real…

by Ushna Iftikhar There was nothing but excitement for Ayesha when she first stepped onto the grounds of the University of Punjab. New school. New city. A new phase of her life. “It’s just b like wow, wow! I was just excited

Self-love is never a selfish act…

by Ushna Iftikhar In this world full of chaos, people often forget about themselves. We all love someone or something but when do we fall in love with ourselves? People usually get curious about what the heck self-love is, so do you

A Big Question mark on the working of OIC

Survival of the country without becoming a member of an international organization is difficult as the survival of the fish without water is impossible. Different countries have membership in various international organizations according to their geography and purposes. Some countries under the


The fourteenth fiasco or the ghost amendment

Amidst budget season, as the political temperature around the country starts rising faster than the COVID Curve, controversy seems to be cooking up in Azad Kashmir’s cabinet as well, where along with budget-related formalities, Prime Minister Farooq Haider Khan was forced (or

Mankiala Stupa (B.C 2ND – A. D 7c) in Sagri Village

by Wajid Bhatti Great teachers were buried under mound before the coming of Buddhism in the sub-continent while some were cremated but sometimes they were buried in a seated meditative position and the mound of the earth covers them up. Mankiala is

How to apply eyeliner and Kajal on different eye shapes

by Keziah Leena Peters Kajal, a creamy pigment-rich kohl eyeliner, used by women almost all over the world is an important part of our everyday makeup. It is used to darken eyelids and mostly as mascara for eyelashes. Kohl is traditionally prepared

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