On the Same Page -The History of Martial Law in Pakistan

The term “On the same page” is always referred to as an ideal situation or environment for the country’s civilian government when both civil and military leadership are considered to support each other and have trust in each other. However, unfortunately, our


Black lives matter in Pakistan

The USA is known for its unsolicited military and impeccable scientific advances among other things. However, today the streets of the global giant are ringing with the chants of its citizens who ‘can’t breathe’. The demonstrations call for dismantling the very institutional

Recognition of Israel: A Bitter Reality

On 13 August 2020, the United Arab Emirates, a Gulf state, signed an agreement with Israel which was mediated by U.S. President Donald; and a month after Bahrain, another Persian Gulf Kingdom normalized its relations with Israel and which made their position

Overseas Pakistanis: The hen with golden eggs

Who are overseas Pakistanis (OP) and what life they live? In public opinion or relatives or in friends’ eyes the overseas Pakistanis are those who are enjoying very luxurious and dream lives in different parts of the globe but if you ask

How Working From Home Has Changed Our Personal Lives?

The impact of Covid19 has been drastic for the whole world in various manners. Masses were scared, schools were closed and businesses were shut. Since global lockdowns came in to stop the spread of the disease, the many companies and organizations went

Baltistan Region and its Archaeological Heritage

by Wajid Bhatti Baltistan is the gateway to Pakistan for the Indus River, which is an integral and the most important part of northern Pakistan Where one of the majestic mountain ranges of the Central and South Asian interact: the Karakoram provides

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