Top 7 Stores To Buy Abayas Online

If you live in a South Asian or an Eastern country, you must not be ignorant of the concept of Abaya. The Abaya is more native to the Muslim women attire. It is usually a body-length piece of garment that is worn

Note to The Prime Minister by an Archeologist

Dear Prime Minister! Recently, at the launching ceremony of Nandana fort, your statement surfaced that the Pakistani Archaeologist has contributed nothing in the field of Archaeology. Moreover, You further stated that Mohenjodaro and Harrapa were excavated by foreign Archaeologists. With due respect,


Harmonising Individualism and Collectivism

Various human ideologies have sprung which have advocated either Individualism or putting Individualism on the back burner and prioritizing Collectivism. Hence, all human efforts oscillate between these two extremes of the spectrum without reaching a middle ground that isn’t based on extremist



When we talk about the ill effects of Colonialism, not only were the Colonial Powers involved in oppressing the local populations and plundering the wealth and sources (e.g., the British plundered and looted 45 trillion dollars from India), but it also turned


Interfaith Harmony: A Comprehensive ‘Dialogue’

In simple words, interfaith harmony means to love your religion and do respect others’ faiths. Hence religious harmony plays a vital role in creating a civilized and peaceful society. Strengthening interfaith harmony and religious diversity can be instrumental in the development and

5 Unfamiliar Advantages of Artificial Intelligence Technology

The rapid technology change enables the world to transform into the new technology era where everything gets a mind to do potential work. Machine learning, a concept of John McCarthy, creates an evaluation of simulating human reasoning in AI systems. From the


Businesses will boom after this COVID-19 pandemic subsides

Coronavirus pandemic shows an unparalleled disruption globally. Production and consumption decreased across the globe. But still, certain businesses are running smoother. Even faster in this pandemic, the reason is quite simple that people can’t stop living, they need food to survive, they