The Religion Can Wait

The fate of Afghanistan is a topic that is being discussed far and wide, be it local news channels or international ones. Every step of the Regime 2.0 is being micro-analyzed and rightfully so. However, an oddity in this was observed when


Deep Inside The Afghan Conundrum

Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the International Conference “Central and South Asia: Regional Connectivity, Challenges and Opportunities” Prime Minister Imran Khan was right on point when he pointed out an inherent loophole in the Afghan peace process. According to Mr Khan, the

Yet Another Day, Yet Another Tale

The patient was a 4-year-old girl – malnourished, unhygienic, active little child. Her presenting complaint was per-vaginal (PV) bleeding for the past ten days. The mother was reprimanded for not being proactive in bringing her daughter for evaluation as early as possible,


Ten Chapters of United Nations Failures

The shade of the United Nations is encircling 193 sovereign states of the world. Some vulnerable states arrived under shadow for protection, and some dominant states entered under this shade to demonstrate their strength in the world. Now, these dominant states want

Top 7 Stores To Buy Abayas Online

If you live in a South Asian or an Eastern country, you must not be ignorant of the concept of Abaya. The Abaya is more native to the Muslim women attire. It is usually a body-length piece of garment that is worn

Note to The Prime Minister by an Archeologist

Dear Prime Minister! Recently, at the launching ceremony of Nandana fort, your statement surfaced that the Pakistani Archaeologist has contributed nothing in the field of Archaeology. Moreover, You further stated that Mohenjodaro and Harrapa were excavated by foreign Archaeologists. With due respect,


Harmonising Individualism and Collectivism

Various human ideologies have sprung which have advocated either Individualism or putting Individualism on the back burner and prioritizing Collectivism. Hence, all human efforts oscillate between these two extremes of the spectrum without reaching a middle ground that isn’t based on extremist