Aurat March and shaken KRQs

By Hiba Hussain Aurat March – these two words have shaken some males in our society more than anything else ever has. Last year, the Aurat March took placed on March 8 and it invoked thousands of controversies. The march received immeasurable

Is sexuality a choice?

By Hiba Hussain Gender inclinations and sexual orientation depend on gender identity which is embedded into an individual at the time of birth. When something comes naturally, it cannot be a choice. Sexuality might be one of those topics which are not

Pakistan is for all

By Asma Razaq I am a Muslim, born and raised in a religious family. I have always seen my parents offering prayers five times a day. They taught me the Holy Quran and other necessary lessons of Islam. But above all what

Let us breathe now…

By Asma Razaq Extremism, fundamentalism or radicalism – three words with the same meaning which are a definition of the Pakistani society from the global community – are once again pushing the country into the dark clouds of viciousness that has already

Showing people ‘a world of ease’

By Priya Zaidi The digital revolution is evolving at an unstoppable pace. Alongside the unprecedented explosion of the digital technology and systems, mental health is under greater pressure than ever before because there are more platforms than before, especially compared to when

CPEC’s impact on industry, agriculture

By Asad Umar Benefits of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will start to trickle into the productive sectors of the economy including industry and agriculture during the year 2020. The first phase of the economic corridor or the early harvest projects addressed

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