5 Best Recruiting Assessment Tools 2022

A company’s advantage is in human resource (HR) functions. It is vital, as the world we live in will not offer a sustainable environment for people.  That’s why it’s so important that you recruit the right talent at all costs. However, this


India’s newly launched SSLV -D1 failed

First I will try to explain the Mission objectives then I will explain why this mission failed. I will request you to keep reading till the last word to get the idea. You’re quite wondering what is SSLV. Meanwhile, you’re also appreciating

Every little step matters in controlling global warming

‘Our earth needs our help. We need to take responsibility of controlling global warming, so future generations do not have to face consequences. Every little step matters. Whether it’s just as small as carrying your own cloth bag while shopping or whether

Depression caused by modernization

We are living in the 21st century, which can be introduced as the modern world’s age of disorder, age of chaos, and age of anxiety. All of these things cause depression. It can be defined as a mental illness as well as

Bumpy Road Ahead for Newly-Elected PM

After spending four years in office, Imran Khan was clean bowled after midnight on April 10th. The President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), became the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan unopposed after the unceremonious ouster of Imran Khan, and after his opponent,

The Evil curse

Corruption is not a new manifestation, it is an old phenomenon and universal problem which has adverse implications on all spheres of human life. This word has a deep shadow on all world’s newspapers and magazines. Catastrophe becomes a fortune of a

How To Get Rid Of Large Beehive In Trees

We all are very well aware that bees do quite a vital job for our planet, but still having bees near your place is certainly a bit of danger since they sting. Obviously, you would agree with me when we say that

How can electric supply firms improve performance?

Lahore Electric Supply Company(LESCO) is facing some of the key problems in its quality management system as it has no concentration with consumers to settle down general issues. As per the information, the computer systems were introduced in the company in 2000,

Major players of Afghanistan’s history and future

Afghanistan region amasses a lot of Strategic significance and this a lot of strategic significance is an indubitable fact of  Afghanistan which neither has risen Afghanistan and nor has drowned Afghanistan. This region neither could be overlooked in the great game by

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