The Evil curse

Corruption is not a new manifestation, it is an old phenomenon and universal problem which has adverse implications on all spheres of human life. This word has a deep shadow on all world’s newspapers and magazines. Catastrophe becomes a fortune of a

Major players of Afghanistan’s history and future

Afghanistan region amasses a lot of Strategic significance and this a lot of strategic significance is an indubitable fact of  Afghanistan which neither has risen Afghanistan and nor has drowned Afghanistan. This region neither could be overlooked in the great game by


Ten Chapters of United Nations Failures

The shade of the United Nations is encircling 193 sovereign states of the world. Some vulnerable states arrived under shadow for protection, and some dominant states entered under this shade to demonstrate their strength in the world. Now, these dominant states want

A Big Question mark on the working of OIC

Survival of the country without becoming a member of an international organization is difficult as the survival of the fish without water is impossible. Different countries have membership in various international organizations according to their geography and purposes. Some countries under the

TikTok users in Pakistan

Social media is one of the puissant media in the current era. According to Jess Cohen who is the social media manager in jump 450 media” social media is powerful, It has the capability to influence elections, ignite change, create celebrities, incite

Private hospitals mafia and private laboratories

In around the world, when any challenging situation comes on the nation, people of the nation face a challenging situation with iron hands. If any global calamity comes on the nations, people of the nations handle the calamity by global planning. People